Nov 5, 2010
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Hey guys, I'm a new to the editor so forgive me if some of these questions are a bit stupid.

I'm trying to add a team to the A-League, 'Otago FC', and for some reason when i do so, and go to start a new game, I can't select Australia in a new game, as it's greyed out? I haven't selected a squad of players for my team, as i thought it would automatically populate, is this why Australia is unplayable?

Secondly, when it comes to editing the league itself, i tried to remove the salary cap, change the foreign squad limit to a foreign first 11 limit and change the allowed substitutes from 5 to 7. I was playing the game until i realised that there was no longer an A-League finals series, just the league.

So basically, my question regarding editing the league is that once you attempt to change the just a few nation rules, do you then need to edit everything? I was under the impression that changing for example, the amount of subs available would just change that and leave everything else as it currently is?

Thanks for anyone who bothered to read :)
if it is greyed out is there a wee yellow triangle put ur mouse pointer on it and it tells you what problem is