Sep 18, 2010
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I was wondering if anyone new if it is posible to edit time on the editor, as I wish to start a game at around christmas time and have hodgson sacked and to take over liverpool.

Would obviously need to be able add past fixtures in league.
I suppose you could add the brazil league as well as your normal leagues and choose the game to start in december 2010
yeah, load brazil league and click start date as (brazil 2011) the Brazil season starts in jan so i thiunk the game will start in middle of dec 2010

EDIT: you fast ******* :p
Or start as unemployed and go on holiday till december, then add new manager and take over Liverpool
I wanted to be able to make all the results and scorers and the same as in real life
I think the closest you would be able to get the result you want is by using a real time editor to edit the league standings, as for the other stuff... I'm stumped.
I will see what happens to the prem up to december if you start as brazilian league then

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loading brazil december 2010 now

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If you load it in Brazilian league then does the same to the prem as it would do if you were unemployed
start a game in Sweden Feb 2011, surely by then Liverpool should be free
I wanted to be able to make all the results and scorers and the same as in real life

as far as i know the only way to do this would be to holiday each game and keep re holidaying that day untill the real results came up but that would take you forever to do though.
Think what I want is probably impossible thanks for help everyone though