Nov 30, 2009
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Hi I am getting issues with the advanced editor since last update(when I open edited files some fail to load in editor with error messages) also when I try to start a new game some nations have a yellow triangle alongside them stating not enough teams in various leagues ???
If I remove the advanced panel files from the editor(and re download the original files) those nations/leagues are playable as normal
any help please
I am also trying to set up a nextgen series with 32 teams and setting up u-18 teams to various clubs(I could do this in FM12 and then move suitable aged players to that squad from the main player list at a given club)...(previously I could select all the players needed and edit their contracts on mass, by searching for the new u-18 team name and putting all the selected players into that team, now they stay in the main squad).......... I can set up the u-18 team but moving the players into that squad will not work......also when I start a new game the teams I selected to take part are sometimes missing/ and even there have been 2x teams from the same club???)
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