Apr 19, 2021
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I have an idea but I am unable to put it into practice. It would be all European leagues to have 20 teams all of them to be on equal footing in the games. Second would be the European competitions, I would like to add in this order, the Champions League will only go the champions of the European countries and the second place, then the cup of the winners of the cups that is extinct will be activated as the second most important European competition where the winners of the cups of all European countries would dispute. Third the Europa League for example the 3 and 4 place and finally the Europa Conference League will go the 6 7 and 8 classified.

The champions of these 4 competitions would play in the European Super Cup.

The club world cup should be held every year where only the winners of the main continental competitions (league of European Asian African champions, liberators, etc.) would compete to find out which team is the best in the world.

Now the situation is, can anyone put this into practice?