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Aug 13, 2013
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Hi. Just made an account to ask for some help, so hopefully using it right! So as the title says, i'm having problems on the editor. All summer i have made a number of changes such as league changes and transfers. However in the last couple of days i'm encountering a very big problem. I'm making changes on the editor, but some of the changes are not applying to my new games, while some are. So for example i changed the new staff at Wolves and i also changed player attributes. The new coaching staff are on Wolves when i start a game with them, but the changes made to player attributes have not applied. This is also the same for a loan Watford made yesterday, as i put him on Watford on loan on the editor, but when i start a game he is in neither the First team, reserve team, or U18 team. Very confused and annoyed, so any help would be much appreciated thanks :)