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Dec 13, 2006
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I need a formation so that if im 1-0 down with 15 minutes to go, my team will turn it around as fast as possible. Sometimes i would go all out attack but that leaves me exposed at the back. Any ideas?
4-2-4 is the most effective for me, playing direct, all out attack (but set defenders to defensive if you want) and quick tempo.
Normally try 4-4-2. Although with Milan i am using 4-2-3-1 and altho Inter hav pwned every1 in league, i am in Champs league final and am 4-1 up against Inter after 1st leg of Italian Cup Final
just push most of the bars to the right!

long direct quick passing up to your target man, close down a lot etc
i use 2-3-5 with 5-10 mins left or 4-2-4 with 10-15 mins left. Won me the game against portsmouth with arsenal from 1-0 down to 2-1 up in 5 mins :D
I admit, this tactic looks pretty ******, but its very and effective and u score bags of goals.

Takes a couple of games to get use it, for the past 2 seasons I have finished 2nd in the scot div 1 with Gretna, just missing out on promotion by a point or 2. Very effective if your forward is a target man and u got 2 pacey wingers
Right, i'm actually going to load my tactic again, this time with screenshots so you at least can see what its about.

i suppose i should say what makes this tactic work or something like that....

well, as long as their passings upto scratch, i dont see any major problems...

plus, stick the lad Deuchar upto. he's ****** marvellous.
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that looks a ****** up tactic, but if it works, nice one!

Blainey wat skin u usin?
Ye ye its lightenin skin.

I kno it looks ***** but really does work (for me anyways), at the mo im 2nd in the league and in 3 cups and doin pretty well in all of them. If u have got a decent training schedule it should work.
So I managed 2 win Div 1 with Gretna, lost out in 2 semis and a quarter final in the cups.

But the tactic has done me proud
haha....freddy guarin top scorer whats up with that.....

Does he take your free-kicks and pens or sumit??...