El Comandante - A career beginning in South America


Aug 22, 2011
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Club Atletico Peñarol

Last won -
Uruguayan Championship: 2010
Copa Libertadores: 1987
Copa Sudamerica: Never

Conclusion - El Comandante is required

I am going to go about this career as a no-**** 'I am awesome' attitude manager in the wake of Mourinho and now Di Canio being focused upon by the media. I wanted to begin in South America, as I haven't done so before, and I wanted to avoid Brazil and Argentina, as I felt they were the most dominant nations in the Libertadores - my final goal for my first club. I will manage teams on a whim, preferably in more obscure nations with a soft-spot for fallen giants such as Penarol. I hope you enjoy this save, I will update my career in 3 parts per season with a high amount of detail reminiscent of doing monthly updates; the pre-season along with transfers and goals etc; post-opening stage (mid-season if I move to where this does not apply) with highlights from the first half of games and the Closing stage (latter half of season) along with development of players, reviews, stats and goals for next season. I hope you enjoy, I am really enthused by this save and hope to bring you an entertaining story.
The Squad:

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As you can see, both our goalkeepers are on-loan from other clubs and therefore it is a top priority to sign a keeper with an expiring contract for next season or as our marquee signing next summer. It will be difficult to plug all the holes next season when the loans expire, something to think about...
Stand-out players:

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Juan Manuel Olivera:
At 31 and on 5.75k per week (10% of my wage budget!), I will be looking for Juan to fire us to the championship and boost his personal value so I can offload him next season. If I can find an attractive alternative before then I will most definitely shift this guy, but he is quality, I have to give him that. My main forward for the forthcoming season.

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Fabian Estoyanoff:
Currently at the peak of his powers age-wise and having already had stints in La Liga with Deportivo and Valencia, I will be looking to Fabian's experience and class to provide quality chances for my team from the wing. I have high hopes for him. Should he be underwhelming or get an offer for his services I cannot refuse, he may also be a one-season wonder under my management like Juan Olivera.

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Sebastian Cristoforo:
Really excited about this teenager. He looks like he could become a great DLP - a role I use often in my tactical approach. At 18, he has a lot of time to improve and will no doubt get games under my management, as he is already second-choice to the on-loan Amado. I truly fear a European bid for this kid, SLB have already poached 2 promising players from me for next season (hence why they aren't on this list...).

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Nicolas Raguso:
Again, another young player I am excited and fearful about. He is already first-choice left back and will probably remain so throughout his career. I will beat away European offers as much as possible, but in Uruguay, the allure of Europe is often divisive to a player's attitude. I would prefer Europe to remain oblivious to his existence as he looks truly great.

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Miguel Amado:
Our on-loan star, Amado will play a pivotal role in my midfield whilst he is here. If he were to perform masterfully, I really would have to consider signing him for big-money. It would depend on many things, but Amado is a quality player that could ply his trade in the majority of Libertadores teams, so naturally, is a welcome figure in my starting XI.


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I let my assistant handle my friendlies until I lost my patience with his poor results - even for friendlies, 3-0 and 5-0 losses to below par teams is just mind-blowing. I took charge of the final friendly, and was pleased to see the required result be obtained. My assistant will not get the same luxuries I give my assistants usually - he will be for coaching and team reports only, no OI help, team talks or matches for Sergio Cabrera.

Arrivals Lounge:

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Fernando Alves
Signed for the fact he was free and versatile in areas that I felt needed reinforcing.Not much to say about Alves; he's basically a body in the right position for the next season - that is all.

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Maximiliano Olivera
My big signing of the summer, left-back was a problem. We had one good player there - Nicolas Raguso, and one veteran on far too high wages - Dario Rodriguez. With this signing, we have two young Uruguayans, both with prospects for the national team, fighting it out in a position that often tires those whom occupy it. Therefore, I have reinforced with youth and quality in a position I enjoy being well-equipped in. Added to the fact we weakened a local rival - Wanderers, with this signing - I am very pleased.


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Nicolas Amodio and Rodrigo Pastorini:
Not a lot to say here, both players were decent enough, but were not going to be first choice and were in my reserves from the start of the game for a reason - both were injury-prone. Thankfully Arab clubs were generous and paid 2.1m for Pastorini and 1m for Amodio. Although I had nothing against these guys' qualities, I despise injury prone players and they added valuable funds to a budget boasting only 70k in the kitty.

Goals for the Season 2012/13
(Key- Red = vital, no excuses; Blue = Desired but not necessary)

  • [*=center]Win the First Division Open and Close. The Board and Fans expect this, as do I. We can't be out of the Libertadores for another season.
    [*=center]Headhunt some young prospects come several youth intakes across the continent.
Just so you guys know, please feel free to offer constructive criticism in how I present this story, I would rather present in a way that enthuses you, so that you can share the fun to some extent. I will probably post the Open update after a day or two.
Good luck. Penarol usually produce some decent players (got one regen for my Atalanta save). I have always fancied managing in South America but in Brazil you can have a 100 game season and I feel that once you get to the top there isnt good enough clubs continentally to challenge you like in Europe.

Will be interesting to see how you get on.
Good luck. Penarol usually produce some decent players (got one regen for my Atalanta save). I have always fancied managing in South America but in Brazil you can have a 100 game season and I feel that once you get to the top there isnt good enough clubs continentally to challenge you like in Europe.

Will be interesting to see how you get on.

Yeah, I'm rally hoping for some good youth prospects from my own academy. I understand your point about lack of big clubs and I fully agree, I'm unsure as to whether I'll actually continue once I get to the top, I may try make the move to Europe and see what offers I get with a Libertadores or two under my belt. Bielsa didn't have a lot of luck straight off the bat, hopefully I will though.
Have you thought about going around South American, If you take Penarol? Think the Argentinan league is a similar set up to Uruguay.
I may also do that, however, I'd need to find clubs I feel a connection with (might sound a little odd...) as I'd not have the drive; I know European teams much better, so it'd be easier for me to attach myself to a club. I'll give it a good think though when the time comes! For example on Penarol, they were the oldest South American rivals to Santos, have the oldest rivalry with Nacional outside of the British Isles and produced the biggest fan flag in 2010 or something like that. Penarol are awesome in my opinion! I'll do some research on Chilean and Argentinian teams when i feel like it! Brazil isn't interesting to me as 3-4 of their teams dominate the Libertadores.
Apertura 2012: Penarol exceed expectations

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The first ever team to win the Apertura with an unbeaten record. The lads did me proud, but there were some issues that occurred early on in the season that I will show you below.

Important games:

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First game of the season: Bella Vista at home
A relative minnow of the Uruguayan division, this was a really disappointing result despite the fact we got the 3 points. The reason being - no one listened to me. They were not adhering to my tactics enough and were either ignoring or reacting poorly to my team talk. This continued for around a month...

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Liverpool (URU) away:
Fairly good result as Liverpool aren't that bad a team, but had they not had a red in the first 5 minutes, we would not have won. Still the lack of respect I am commanding is an issue.

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Central Espanol away:
the team is getting better, 2-0 win away is acceptable, but considering the quality difference, we should have scored at least one more goal. The shots on target ratio of this match concerned me... I changed my prep to attacking following this match.

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Cerro at home (Local Derby):
Very disappointing, with a match prep of attacking, how we didn't win this game is beyond me. However, it clearly indicates one thing - the players are finding it hard to motivate themselves from my management... I needed to get some individual talks done and thats what I did.

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Defensor Sporting at Home (Big Big Derby):
A great win. The micro-management paid off, the players reacted well to my team talks and really showed some class against strong opposition. At this point, Defensor were not close to us in the table, but they ended up coming second, so it was a vital win in terms of maintaining a big lead in the aggregate league table.

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Nacional at Home (Uruguayan Clasico - oldest rivalry outside Britain):
Slaughtered them. I'm very proud of my team, as on paper, Nacional are the strongest team in Uruguay and have won the championship the past 2 years. The fact that Abreu didn't get a sniff and that we finished our chances, I was very very pleased. This ended Nacional's hopes of challenging and from this point onward their form plummeted.

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Fenix Away:
The surprise package of the Apertura; Fenix were second at this point and only a recent dip in form had given me breathing space at the top. The fact that we went there and smashed a team on a great Apertura run 4-0 is excellent. I was very pleased and this guaranteed we would play 3 remaining matches against weak teams with a large point cushion.

Penarol's form Versus Rivals Apertura Form:
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As you can see, my rivals didn't have a great Apertura and didn't make my life difficult really. Early on, Nacional were at times within 1-4 points of me, but over the opening stage, we really distanced ourselves from them. Defensor had a mixed season but still ended up second thanks to Fenix's late dip in form. Traditionally, Defensor often win either the Apertura or Clausura, they've been in the Championship play-off for the majority of the past 10 years, So in the Clausura, I have to be wary.

Player stats for the Apertura 2012:
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As you can see, Olivera topped the Average rating category and we had the top scorer in Juan Olivera - exactly what I wanted from him in his twilight season for Penarol. Despite this however, my player of the Apertura is not Olivera....

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Player of the season: Carlos Grossmuller
That smile may not be a winner, but his two-footed playmaking is. He really shone in my midfield, whilst getting a respectable amount of assists, he was often the architect of all my moves and I fully understand why his is in the Uruguay squad. At 29, he's one of the few players I'll keep for the whole of my managerial career with Penarol if I can.

Starting from next season, I will do monthly updates, as I feel it will probably be more to viewers liking. Also, I made a mistake - we are in the Copa Libertadores, just it doesn't say on Club Info prior to January as the stages are not yet drawn until then. So, we have a chance at continental glory this season - it's unlikely though. Tips welcome!
Please continue this.

Stories on leagues such as the Uruguayan are a breath of fresh air.
Penarol's mixed bag - Clausura 12/13 and the Copa Libertadores 2013

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Clausura table:
So we were pipped to the Clausura by Defensor, the key result being a humbling 3-0 loss away to Defensor which ultimately was the difference. But I can't complain too much, as far as I know, in modern times, no club has won both stages in the same season. Regardless of this, it has to be considered that the board wanted a closing stage win.

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Championship Play-off:
So we dominated at home and only a freak goal from Zambrana that was intended to be a cross from deep, but found the top left corner from 45 yards out gave us the win, we were poor up front.

The away leg, went far smoother in terms of finishing. It was an even game, but we were clinical and secured the championship fairly comfortably in the end with a 3-0 aggregate win.

Clausura form:
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So it was very good bar a couple defeats. It was to be expected though considering we were the only Uruguayan team to get to the knockouts of the Copa Libertadores - oops, spolier! More later....

Clearly Defensor did well in the Clausura, but the shock was Nacional's form...
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They finished way back in 9th. I'm surprised that the manager kept his job. He had Uruguayan internationals such as Juan Albin and Seb Abreu within the ranks.

The Copa Libertadores:

Okay, so there were some shocks, such as Sao Paulo and Fluminense not making it out of the group stage. The latter being partially our fault. We were faultless in the group stage, I was unbelievably happy that our slightly altered formation for greater midfield dominance really took our fellow group members by storm.

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Penarol's matches:
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Okay, so the format of the Libertadores is that you play-off over 2 legs against your fellow group qualifier, with the winner of the group having the advantage of always being drawn at home for the 2nd leg. After our group stage performance, I was very confident against San Lorenzo, however, Stracqualursi was a big threat, I had to deal with. Here is how it went:

First Leg:
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Solid result; difficult game, as San Lorenzo definitely altered their tactics from the group and barely gave us any room in their final third. The same can be said of them of course, they didn't get much into our territory. So all in all, a solid platform to take home.

Second Leg:
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I set my team up for a more cautious approach, enabling the option to counter attack; knowing that El Ciclon had to 'come at me bro'. It was never in doubt really, we got to 4-0 and 5-1 at different points in the game, with the dangerman of Ciclon grabbing a consolation late on. Great result.

Second Round Draw: Eventual Chilean Champions - Universidad Catolica

So I was again relatively happy, avoiding the Argentinian big guns, Gremio, Corinthians and America (MEX) was a good thing for my achievement-hungry Manyas.

First Leg:
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Another solid result. The similar strength of Uruguayan and Chilean football is perfectly demonstrated here. The eventual champions of both respective nations, played a more-or-less even game to a 1-1 draw. Obviously it was slightly edged by my team, as a score draw away from home benefits me more. However, I was not expecting much else but a tight affair against Catolica.

Second Leg:
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Oh boy. This was too close for comfort. Playing a whole half at 3-2 was edgy. One goal for them at any point would have sent them through on away goals. Our defending was poor this game, as both goals were relatively sloppy. Fortunately, we made it through to the delight of the Penarol faithful and board. We are performing well above expectations (Enjoy participating) by reaching the semi-final. The bad news - our opponents will be Corinthians, Boca or Velez. I'd take Boca over the other two, however, it is looking like supreme underdog status regardless....

The Semi Final Draw: Corinthians versus Penarol

Okay, I'm resigned to defeat at this point. Sure, I'll aim to win and set my team up as best I can. However, poor fitness (Uruguayan off-season) versus a team vastly superior on paper and in pique fitness will not go well. Counter strategy here we come...

First leg:
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I was expecting far worse, I would have actually taken 5-0 on the chin as a fair result. The gap in fitness and class was apparent. Fortunately, we scored early on which maybe set them off their full rhythm and they only managed 2 goals from their complete and unquestionable dominance. Great result and gives me a slight glimmer of hope... I still think they'll crucify us regardless of stadium.
Second Leg:

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How on earth this happened I have no answers. Check the fitness.... To be frank, I was munching some dominoes IRL when this match was going on, not really paying full attention as I was expecting a complete masterclass from Corinthians. However.... we somehow managed the away goals win, chuffed to bits, but definitely getting a DNA test for Irish heritage.

The final: Velez versus Penarol.

Again, a very very tough task. Facundo Ferreyra is in top form and outclasses our defence. I am going to be wincing whilst these two legs play...

First Leg:

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Yeah... We got outplayed, our fitness was still fairly low compared to what it should be, and it showed. We couldn't keep the scoreline down like against Corinthians. Velez deservedly won this by the three goal margin, coud have been SO MUCH worse. From that game, 7-0 would have been fair.

Second Leg:
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Gone was the counter attack tactic I had employed since the Semis. We went all out and were finally at full fitness. I did have some hope prior to the game as we had beaten San Lorenzo 5-2 at home earlier in the competition. Velez were undoubtedly and stronger opponent. 2-0 looked relatively fair and Velez did not look dishevelled from the pressure my Manyas were putting on them. However, a stunning double in the last 10 from our two top performers of the Clausura sealed the fantastic result. I was speechless and delighted because for all the faith you put in your team, this was something way above my expectations and more than makes up for the loss to Defensor in the Clausura.

View attachment 334784

A great day for the fans and I will surely look back to the Semi-final heroics of my team. I feel like a South American Chelsea of sorts. Corinthians are basically the Barcelona of South America in terms of quality and the fact we got so fortunate draws scarily similar parallells.

Last edited:
Transfers: Summer 2013

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Alvaro Moreira
Great young regen signed from Central Espanol; not really a rival team, but having a Uruguayan youngster of this talent is definitely a bonus, he cost a lowly 375k in compensation. Very pleased, will rotate in AMC this season.

View attachment 335445
Harrison Henao
Great midfielder, he has a slight inury proneness, however he is of such quality and came at such a cheap price of 250k, I was very very pleased. Henao will be straight into the first team as my DLP-D following the departure of Miguel Amado back to his parent club.

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Ramiro Bruschi
Free transfer; signed for back up in an area I seem to always need reinforcements.

View attachment 335450
Diego de Souza
Great Uruguayan winger, signed on a free from Wanderers. Weakening a local team that our fans dislike is always good. Added to the fact that he is starting XI quality, this was a no brainer and I look forward to his performances.

View attachment 335449
Carlos Bueno
Striking back-up on a free, pretty standard. Good experience, will come in handy.

Youth Intake Stand-Outs from last season!

View attachment 335447View attachment 335448

Not the best, but definitely going to be good enough for the first 11. They're out on loan right away for match experience in the second division.

A player I forgot to mention in the Clausura post; signed in January 2013
View attachment 335451
A regen created when I loaded the Brazilian leagues up. Signed for 40k, real quality for the price and division, was my talisman in the Copa Libertadores last season.

View attachment 335453
The stand-out 2.5m for MacEachen is huge for a player I hadn't even realised was in my reserves (on loan elsewhere last season). Olivera had a great season but at 31, I wanted to cash in while he had a good value.

August up soon! No league tables though, got ahead of myself and played til March 2014, forgetting to take screenshots.

Season Kick Off! August 2013

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Copa Sudamericana
3-1 Universidad Catolica

Great win, comfortable and as a first game of the season, I am very happy to more or less secure passage to the
second preliminary round.

View attachment 335460
First Division Apertura
3-2 El Tanque Sisley

A poor win. Should not have needed to come from behind, and we need to work on defending set pieces. Match prep was resoundingly altered following this.

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Copa Sudamericana
Universidad Catolica 1-0

A loss, but nothing too bad. It was close and we could have scored 1 or 2 had we been clinical. However, since we progressed anyway, I was content.

View attachment 335462
Copa Sudamericana
3-1 Colo Colo

Great win against another great Chilean team. Comfortable and looking like we will make the first round of the Cup. Not bad at all for the first month!

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First Division Apertura
2-1 Cerro

A win. Not convincing, but against a local rival, any win is good enough for me. I am all about local passions and a derby win will never dissatisfy me.

A good month overall. Sitting top, level with Fenix who are having a good start. Copa Sudamericana success right off the bat from a Libertadores win? Unlikely, but I can dream big. September up soon!
Super September
So, we play in the Copa Sudamericana and have a big Apertura match against River Plate (URU) whom are apparently touted as title contenders. Lets see how it went for my Manyas.

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First Division Apertura
2-0 Racing de Montevideo

Solid win against an outclassed local rival. Nothing stand out. My team are definitely benefitting from the set piece match prep, a clean sheet is a welcome sight.

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Copa Sudamericana
3-2 Colo Colo

Good win in Santiago. We were 3-0 up, so it was a bit annoying to concede twice in the second half. However, a thoroughly well deserved win following a scintillating first half quick possession based onslaught.

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First Division Apertura
6-0 River Plate (URU)

I said my team were gelling and boy did they hit the groove today. Supposed challengers dismantled away from home ruthlessly. I could do nothing but praise my team in the dressing room. Top notch.

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Copa Sudamericana
1-1 Vasco

So we drew a Brazilian team - always a tough match when it's a Brazilian team. We got away with it a little today. Outplayed in my opinion, but I was not about to complain that we got a goal back to take a decent score back home to the Centenario.

View attachment 335470

First Division Apertura
3-1 Atenas de San Carlos

A decent result against a minnow that was promoted last season. It should have been more of a drubbing following that River plate match but I will not frown too much on the 3 points. Coming from behind is a slight bonus as it showed character - however, i'd have rather we not concede at all.

A great month. Setting ourselves up to a Apertura lead of 4 points over Danubio and Defensor Sporting. We also are halfway to the Sudamericana quarters with a solid result against Vasco away. Pleased overall and we're on course! October up soon!

October - A month of slender margins
So we embark to the halfway point of the Apertura and the feistier stages of the Sudamericana. Can my Penarol side make an impact in a crucial month featuring a tie against challengers Danubio? Find out below.

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First Division Apertura
2-1 Progreso

We barely deserved the win. Not happy at all with my team. Progreso are mid-table nobodies. We should have decimated them, especially after the signings we made this summer that bridged gaps in quality in my starting XI.

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First Division Apertura
2-1 Juventud de las Piedras

Another disappointment despite the victory. Newly promoted and all we could muster was a 1 goal winning margin? We need to buck up our ideas for the Danubio and Vasco games that await. Individual talks were held following this result.

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First Division Apertura
2-1 Danubio

Although it was a slender margin, this one was acceptable. A good Danubio side hungry to make amends for the shambles of last season were subdued and beaten at the Centenario by my Manyas. Not at full flow at the moment, but a victory against a Rival during a slump in form is not too bad.

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Copa Sudamericana
1-0 Vasco

Slender win against a team as good as if not better than our own. Pleased with the result as it means we reach the quarter finals which far exceeds our board expectation of second preliminary round! Food for thought on how to tackle these Brazilian teams still, but this will go some way to ensuring me it's possible to beat them consistently without luck.

View attachment 335488
First Division Apertura
2-1 Boston River

Another lazy performance in which we barely won against a minnow. I need my players to up their game with the Copa quarters coming up. This is genuinely a worry at this point...

View attachment 335489
Copa Sudamericana
2-2 Palmeiras

Drawn against the holders, a draw was a good result. They are stronger than us on paper and have great Sudamericana pedigree. We will need to be at 120% to get past them away from home. I am pessimistic but hopeful. After all, Corinthians were supposed to put 15 past us over two legs.

So another good month, albeit defined as good by slender margins. I will be looking for an improvement in the coming months, small wins against minnows is almost as frustrating as dropping points. November up soon! Will my Penarol ****** a victory from the jaws of defeat away at Palmeiras? Or will Nacional dent us beforehand resulting in a dismal defeat in Brazil? Keep on reading!

The Uruguayan league looks really cool, do you have any tips for starting a career there?
The Uruguayan league looks really cool, do you have any tips for starting a career there?

In terms of Uruguay, I would probably stick to managing one of the following: Penarol, Danubio, Defensor Sporting, Nacional and Fenix. The rest are pretty poor, large gap in quality from what I can see. I have a list of recommended players in the players forum for those starting out in South America and wanting to get cheap and accessible players capable of challenging the Brazilian teams. Also, I think Uruguay have a pretty good youth coefficient, so I would definitely look to get the highest recruitment level possible, if not pick a team with one thats already very good - Danubio are a great example, apart from the fact they have poor facilities, the most rounded and with the best team are easily Nacional at the beginning.

I plan to manage Danubio at some point and be a little bit of a snake to Penarol!
November - A mixed month
So we complete our Copa Sudamaricana Quarter final with Palmeiras, a result in Brazil seems a mountainous task but can my Penarol side maintain their campaign on all fronts?

View attachment 335840
First Division Apertura
5-2 Nacional

A destruction of our biggest rivals - very pleased. Nacional find themselves within a poor season, they are not racking up points to be challengers, every other main rival is far ahead of them at this point.

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Copa Sudamericana Quarter Final
3-4 Palmeiras

Disappointed we could not hold onto the 3-3 scoreline we had at 90 minutes. Palmeiras scored in added time to end our hopes of further continental success. However, It was a gutsy performance from my underdogs against the holders. Not great but definitely not a disappointment.

View attachment 335842
First Division Apertura
3-0 Rocha FC

Easy win against a lowly side, not much to write home about.

View attachment 335843
First Division Apertura
2-1 Defensor Sporting

A decent enough win over a big rival. We dominated and could have had more but the 3 points is all that matters against the big teams of the division. This result finalised the increasingly likely prospect of retaining the Apertura.

Dastardly December

We play in the world club championship that includes Real Madrid, Wydad Casablanca and Ulsan Tigers from South Korea. Can we upset the odds and keep the World Championship in South America? Find out!

View attachment 335844

First Division Apertura
0-0 Fenix

A bore draw against Apertura challengers, not too bad considering we had clinched the Apertura in the previous week.

View attachment 335854
First Division Apertura
1-0 Liverpool (URU)

3 points in a mediocre performance is acceptable as it keeps our lead on the Aggregate table a massive 16 points. Not too shabby but nothing to make noise about. Liverpool have had an average season, so I expected a win.

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Club World Championship Semi-Final
1-0 Wydad Casablanca

A pathetic performance really. Dominance with no end product. From this result, we really will be hammered by Real, whom dismantled Ulsan 2-0.

View attachment 335856
Club World Championship Final
1-2 Real Madrid

A tie in which we were predicted to be destroyed, we played well and gave Real a good game. They had fitness levels around 75-85% on all players that started and therefore I had a little hope that my fresh team could ****** the trophy. It wasn't to be, but we definitely showed how far we have come under my stewardship. Good result despite the loss.

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First Division Apertura
0-1 Cerro Largo

Abysmal, my team were high from the success of pushing Real to their limits and being already crowned champions of the opening stage. Very disappointed, as it could end up important to have maintained our 16 point cushion if we perform badly in the Clausura....

The Final Apertura Table!

View attachment 335860
Interestingly 2nd, 3rd and 4th all finished on 27 points, it will be a dog fight for the other place in the championship play-off this season!

January! Transfer Time!

View attachment 335859View attachment 335858

Some big names came in. Veteran Giacomazzi and current international Alvaro Fernandez were signed to reinforce central midfield. These established names were flanked by young hot prospects Javier Soner and Fernando Velazquez - a pretty good Paraguayan regen. Renan joined on-loan from Parent Corinthians later in the season.

The young guns:
View attachment 335861View attachment 335862

A Solid February

View attachment 335863
First Division Clausura
3-0 El Tanque Sisley

Good win against a team we should beat by this scoreline to open our Clausura account. Solid.

View attachment 335864
First Division Clausura
2-0 River Plate (URU)

Not exactly the 6-0 drubbing we gave them earlier this season but it was a solid result against a good team. Pretty pleased, we need all the winning confidence we can get with Corinthians next...

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Copa Libertadores Group Match
1-2 Corinthians

A decent performance. We were underdogs, so a narrow loss is not something to cry over. It just laments that fact we will be in the shadow of Brazilian teams again this season and that we will probably finish the group (that includes Olimpia and El Nacional) in 2nd place.

Mixed Messages March

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First Division Clausura
1-0 Racing de Montevideo

Below par performance, with the goal being a ridiculous 40 yard goal after a mistake from their keeper. Not what I wanted but 3 points will have to do. My team are so inconsistent and the reputation increases really aren;t making too much difference in our push to improve, I'm getting a little weary of Penarol at this point.

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First Division Clausura
3-1 Progreso

Solid win against a side that are emerging as the one side that could break the Uruguayan division ruling class (eventually) of Penarol, Nacional, Fenix, Danubio and Defensor.

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Copa Libertadores Group
7-1 Olimpia

Amazing performance. Smashed the Paraguayan champions who have a good team (many players from there make my shortlist in the players forum). Faultless and really did make me happy - maybe I should stick it out at Penarol?!

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First Division Clausura
2-3 Atenas de San Carlos

I'm abject to this defeat. Such a shocking performance that is has wiped away all the glee from our 7-1 demolition of Olimpia. My resignation letter is signed and awaiting posting after this result...

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Copa Libertadores Group
4-0 El Nacional

A good result against the whipping boys of the group. Not enough to set my resignation letter on fire yet...

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First Division Clausura
0-1 Juventud

Abysmal, I don't even want to type. The only thing I may type is a starker prose to my resignation letter after this ****!

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First Division Clausura
1-0 Danubio

Important win but my apathy to this job is so much so that it fills me with nothing but contentment. Nothing exciting for me in this. It may be time to move on after the season after all...

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Great. This inspired me to also start a Penarol save!