Mar 22, 2013
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Hello, this is Vincent from
First time for me to share my tactic here :)

My Mottor
"My aim is not winning the game but to realise the beautiful football in the monitor-screen for at least 30 seconds"
-Vincent the Tactician

Overview of the tactic
- to mention some characteristics of this tactic, the prior focus of this tactic is to press the opponent.
I did not aim to make any specific attacking root, in fact i aimed at "provide the most varieties of different ways of attacking"
All midfielders scores, wing backs scores, even central defender overlaps during build up and scores.

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Position descriptions and important attributes

GK - Needs to be good at communicating with defenders
Good rushing out ability and DISTRIBUTION attributes are important
For me, Szechesney got me mad sometimes with his poor throwing and kicking attributes

DCR - needs to have comparably good techniques and passing abilities for CB
recommend physically strong ones
an ideal player will be Vermaelen or Pique
DCR overlaps and take shots sometimes
when our team has the possession, DCR gets involved in the passing work from the midfield

DCL - you can think in a way that this is Limited Defender with Cover role
speed of the player does not really matter as Mertesaker gave very solid performance in this position
Good Tackling and Anticipation, Positioning are required
and use TALL ones

DRL - I have to say that you gotta us GOOD ones here,
crossing, tackling, work rates and pace are the attributes you should look for

DM - Personally I was not satisfied with using Arteta in this position
DM protects the defensive line, holds his position and provide short simple passes
tackling, positioning, anticipation, strength, work rate are the important attributes

MCRL - you can use Attacking Midfielders who are capable of playing MC positions here
such as Wilsher, Carzola...
Overlaps very often and look for shots after receiving killer balls from ST or crosses from AMRL
composure, off the ball, technique, passing, teamwork are important

AMRL - you can use ANY type of AMRL here, seriously
as I said earlier, i tried to make the most varieties of attacking way
whatever type of players you put in, they will fit into this role
just that when you see the game is not going well and AMRL has very low rating,
substitute the opposite type of player in this position
for example, when you found that in a certain match, Walcott is not playing well in AMR role,
then replace Walcott with Arshavin - totally different style of player
in my experience, this usually led to good results xp

ST - use those Good Deep Lying Forwart
i had no choice but to use Giroud here (podolski got unhappy after i fined him and i did not but any other strikers)
but I do not recommend to use such style, in fact his performance was very disappointing
use those with good creativity, teamwork, passing
of course ST needs to have some good goal scoring attributes,
but prior attributes are the ones that makes him a good connecting play with midfielders

- This is Classic tactic, no shouts can be used

Team Talks
- Ask your smart, talented and genius assistant manager

I won all except Champions league... lost to MCity after Monreal is injured out for both home and away matches
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there was not any notable transfer made for current Arsenal squad

Some goal analysis
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This was my squads stat
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I admit that the stats for Giroud is terrible
thats why i'm asking you not to use players like Giroud
in fact in my second season, i'm using Park Chu-young and he is giving good performance although his attributes are terrible :) (yayy koreans~~)

Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoy playing FM
feedbacks are welcomed~
My Mottor
"My aim is not winning the game but to realise the beautiful football in the monitor-screen for at least 30 seconds"
-Vincent the Tactician

You really just quoted yourself? Hmm;)
Anyway, might test this on my Swansea save for a bit
too much yellow and red card's , any idea how to solve that ??
Your motor is imressive.. Wenger said someting like that before.
you must be the biggest fan of wenger like me (K)
too much yellow and red card's , any idea how to solve that ??

I agree,,, but i could not forgo the high level of pressing that i aimed for
using players with less dirtiness in their hidden ability may be a solution
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Been messing around with different tactics and tried this one against Barca at the Nou Camp. I drew 1-1 and absolutely dominated them (with Man Utd first season). Quite impressive I must say although it was just one game :)