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Apr 17, 2009
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Do you ever feel as though you get emotionally involved in a game?

For example, I feel sorry for managers when i declare interest in their job. Also I can never release old players.

Anyone else this pathetic?
i get emotionally attached to the players i brought through the ranks when i moves clubs :(
I have no attachment to old players. Once they hit 30, I could not care less (unless a GK).

but the previously 17 year old RW gen that I found in the reserves, rotting away and now he's pushing messi for the AMR slot? :') yeah i like that guy and he's going nowhere
Erm, I hold my hands up. When my contract wasn't renewed with my very first club, I was absolutely devestated. And yes, I had a press conference. With myself. And I find it very very hard, to transfer list players who aren't good enough for the club, but helped get the club promoted from previous divisions. Right now I'm in charge of Fulham, and have a match coming up against my first club in the cup. And I actually don't want to win because the players there still like me. It's a game. What's happened to me?!
I feel sad if I were to sell my veteran if he stays fore the club for at least 5 years and made a big contribution to us even if he moans he needs first team football.
Stuart Campbell.

Can't ever bear to let him go :'(
I cry when I see a fellow manager get sacked..

but seriously, the only thing I hate is when I see a club legend like Carragher retire and not take up a staffrole :mad:
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certain players i wont let go and stuff, you wouldnt play the game if you didnt find it at least slightly emotionally involving i guess :)
On my Roma game, I have De Rossi, Vucinic, Mexes and Cassani who are all above 33, and are player coaches, hopefully they will never leave my beloved club :'(

Oh and i usually try and sign regens who I nurtured through the ranks, when I'm at other clubs

I also get a bit down when one of my key players gets a long term injury, like Pato has a broken leg, and I genuinely felt sorry for the lad
What about when your youth players retire at the age of 4 as you didn't renew 'is contract.


Jeez, I knew Arsenal are committed to a youth policy, but you're retiring four year olds? :p
Yes and No, I played Cm03/04 loads back in the day and ALWAYS signed Diego Armando Maradona, Fabio Paim and Anatoli Todorov. Even now every time I make a game in Fm2011 I make sure their in the database and buy them Asap and look after them, (Id sign Freddy Adu, and Lasha chlize if they had a pictures).
I guess this is simply my way of thanking them for hours of enjoyment when playing cm03/04, lol.

Ive also tended to sign Keith Gillespie, Ben Thornley (retired in Fm2011) and Rhodri Giggs too, though their players at the end of their career now.

Though to be honest in FM2011 I find myself always trying to get Robbie Brady, Oliver Norwood, Corry Evans, and Joe Dudgeon from Manchester United and Shane Fergusson from Newcastle United, Billy Bodin (Swindon Town), Nathan Craig (Everton), Vinny Mukendi (Macclesfield), Chris Maxwell and Kai Edwards (Wrexham).

Also if I goto a large club I always try and make sure Wrexham and Swindon are looked after anyway I can.

I also give a Youth Coach job to Paul Bodin (Billy Bodins father) without fail, and a Scouts job to Jan Age Fjortoft!

So Yes im loyal to those players who proved themselves over countless games, but any others as soon as they play up or start to decline i let their contract expire or sell them, im pretty ruthless!
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