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Emulando il grande Torino - Emulating the great Turin

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Jun 4, 2011
I was born in Manchester in 1976, my grandad died in 1983. My earliest memory is of him stating how Turino were once the major power in european football but much like the man utd side of the 50's there squad was ripped apart by a devastating disaster in 1949 called the Superga Disaster, He would tell me this was when football changed, how Guglielmo Gabetto was the best striker in europe, and how juventus could only dream of being as succesful as il grande torino- the great turin. He was an avid torino fan, and i always thought he would have exaggerated there success, it was only in later years i found he was telling the truth.

In 2011, i notice that my favourite Italian team are lying low in serie b, they are managerless and seem to be a completely different team to the one my grandad would explain.

Miraculously, my sarcastic job application is accepted and i am living on in the dream of 'emulando il grande torino', emulating the great turin.

The fans seem to be pessimistic about my managerial credentials but i am determined to soon win them over.

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I have not been given a huge transfer budget and am expected to win promotion to the serie a,
I have mainly strengthened the defence and got some wingers in on loan. I will play the formation seen below and feel the best players in the squad are Rolando Bianchi and Stefano Guberti
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