Emulate Arsenal's 10/11 tactic

Hampus Kontio

Jul 13, 2011

I was thinking of getting some help to emulate a successful Arsenal tactic from 10/11 since I love that attacking football they had back then. I'm currently doing this all from my head but I might have to try and go back to find some old match-footages to watch their roles better and the tactics. One thing I would like to change on however is the role of Alex Song, in reality he was a master of roaming from his position and leaving big gaps between midfield and defend but I would like that role to sit back a bit more which I believe he was meant to do but as in Barca and West Ham he took it in his own hands and roamed from position. Maybe I've got this all wrong and he was meant to play that roaming role to make the attacking more unpredictable and be able to keep possession better but this seems very risky to me, what's your thought of this? And one thing more, I'm truly a sucker for specialist roles such as playmakers, registas etc. but this seems not to go hand in hand with this type of tactic because in my mind Arsenal played a very fluid game back then.

I will start by upload just a picture of my formation and tactic with no PI and I gladly get some feedback on it.