May 12, 2011
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on here i am going to use many different teams from different leagues to emulate their real life game and the characteristics and styles of how they play. teams will not be exact as to how they play in real life, but sure will be very similar with only a tiny bit of tweaking at max. you will also have to edit things each game due to your opponent as in real life. i will also play through 1-2 season(s) with the team and tactic to make sure that it is tested thoroughly.



Napoli:View attachment 353957


Bayern Munchen:View attachment 353956


feel free to give suggestions on what team to emulate/re-create
also you may try and create them yourself if you like and i will test them and add them to this thread if approved of:).
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I don't think anyone has ever properly emulated a real life tactic.. There are huge differences between the FM ME and real life football.
Raikan made borussia tactic, which is very similar to real life borussia dortmund.

There are also some good tacics, which are based on bayern style.

Dont mention emulated arrigo sacchi tactic.
Bayern - possession, counter attacking, solid defence
Ajax - pressing, passing, everyone attacks and everyone defends
Chelsea - solid defence, counter attacking galore
Madrid - solid defence, ask movements are for Ronaldo to score, striker dragging defenders right etc
Inter Milan with Strama's idea : he used Guarin in AM positon with role BWM, this idea never suits in FM13
Inter Milan with Strama's idea : he used Guarin in AM positon with role BWM, this idea never suits in FM13

This is not good idea even in real life...8th position in average serie a is a good prove :p

Strama is a big joke.
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would like to see the madrid tactic under mourinho, the pressing system they have going on is really good
anybody like to comment on the napoli tactic ive posted, key players to the line up should be:
-cannavaro as CENTRAL cb
-behrami as CMR and inler as CML
-cavani as STRC and insigne as STLC
-playmaker hamsik (CAM)
-target man cavani run onto ball or mixed (STRC)

working on a bayern tactic now, solid defense and counter attack with possession