Nov 23, 2011
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So I'm looking at the opposition team report, and they concede a lot of headed goals, and the 'goal assists' is high for crosses as well.

I am planning to field a team with wingers (4-1-2-2-1), and my forward with best heading attributes as CF.

What instructions, either player or 'shouts', should I use to encourage crosses into the box?

'Pump Ball Into Box' doesn't really cut it.
"Exploit the Flanks' with wingers player instructions to 'cross from byline' ????

'CLear Ball to Flanks; seems to result in too many throw ins conceded.

Should I be looking at a wide 4-4-2?

Currently, the three formations we are comfortable with are 4-1-2-2-1 for the width which has proved to be a good counter-attack formation, we have the standard 4-4-2, and a more intricate, short passing/ball to feet 4-1-2-1-2 against teams that concede through the middle.

I dunno why but with what seems to be the right attributes, we struggle with getting crosses in and headers on goal.

Thanks in advance.
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Exploit the flanks, push wider for shouts. And just play wider. Maybe use your 2 Central Midfielders to 'Hug the Touchline'. Use the striker to roam from space and play 1/2s.
Have you considered the shout "Hit early crosses"? It will set "crossing" to "often" and "cross from" to "deep" for your wide players.
This should see a lot more crosses, since your players will not try to run much with the ball, with the risk of losing it, before crossing.
It could be worth a try.