Aug 22, 2009
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looking 2 start premiership network game just an easy going game if you cant play just pm me al be arsenal, playing times will be either 4 or 5 to late on friday noon to late on sat exept when im at rangers games same on sun tues 4 to 7 exept when at gers games same on weds and thurs

game rules

1. cant sign other users players unless ask permision and they say yes or they offer them 2 u
2.banter is fine but no racism bigotry etc
3.can pick anotherb team if u get sacked nut cant be a team in top four at that time
4. must cancel or let assistant manager take control of friendlies

hoping 2 start game at 4 officially but if u take long to set up your team al be on at 3-330

forced continue after 50% of users press comtinue 30 secs

i run games as server game name is football manager 2010 password is football
my ip adress is
I'll have a go at this if you dont mind
sorry just read your post again, does make sense now
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try again today hadnt had much response so didnt set it up al set it up 5pm today

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games set up now game name football manager 2010 pw gers , al be on till 8 2nite

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game name Football Manager 2010 pw gers

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game name Football Manager 2010 pw gers
game will be on at 445 will give players 1hour to set up team if there on at 445, if players arent on till later they still only get to 545 to set up team us can go any team u want first come first serve exept for arsenal
how cn i join m8

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can i join please