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Mar 8, 2009
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England Sack Capello
The FA can now confirm that they are looking for a new manager after Fabio Capello's dismissle this morning at 11:30. Prince William added "We want to thank Fabio for him time at England and wish him all the best in the future.Capello was mad when he heared the decision he had been sacked but he finnaly came round and he wants to wish England all the best for the upcoming Euro Qualifiers 2012.He has put a name forward to me who he think's he is the right man to replace him."

Harry Redknapp want's the job along with seven other managers Steve Bruce,Sam Allerdyce,James Elvin,Paul Jewell,Martin O'Neil,Roy Hodhgson and Ian Holloway

Will it be an Elvin era?
James Elvin has been anounced the new manager of England after Fabio Capellos dismissal last Wednesday.

Elvin recenlty played for England but a serious injury forced him out of the game when he was only 23. He has beat many top quality managers to get this job and he wants to be sucsesfull he added "Wow im the new England manager it's the feeling of being a little kid on Christmas day.It's just imense and i want this club to win the Euro 2012 if i can be sucssfull i will be bringing in my own staff over the next few weeks and im looking forward to working with them."

Elvin's first press-conferance
The Sun: "James are you happy hear?"
James: "Of course i am and anyone one who would have took the job would have been we are talking about England everyone has heared of England even if they dont follow football and to being able to represente them is a dream come true."

Daily Mail: "James can you tell us the staff you are going to bring in?"
James: "I could tell you but it wouldn't be a promise the talks might come to a standstill so no i cant tell you the truth."

FOUR FOUR-TWO: "James do you belive in England to get to the Euro's?"
James: "Yes of course i do my sqaud selecting might be abit suprising to all people but im confidnet that it will pay off."