England team selection issue. Please help

Jul 16, 2011
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I have created a player using the editor placed him in a team. When I created him I made him available for England selection but now I have a problem.

He shows as away on international Duty when the senior squad is playing, when I ask him him to withdraw from frendlies I get the mail message tellingg me that Hodson has to find a replacement for him, etc etc

So on the outside it appears he is selected for the National team, however he never shows up on the team screen for ENgland, still shows as 0 caps etc.

I have now succeded Hodson as England manager, my created player shows in the national pool as selected for Main squad.
It shows on his info screen as selected for squad BUT he is not listed in the squad screen.

I have tried unselecting him from both the pool & the squad. Removing him from pool is succesful but it always says he is in the squad
How can I get him to play if he never shows up on the Squad selection screen