Jan 10, 2009
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For this Challenge I have given the best 64 teams in England the following:

Max Reputation of 10,000

State of the Art Youth and Training Facilities

Transfer Budget of £1,000,000,000

Large Wage Budget

All 64 teams will now compete in the English Premier Division as follows:

4 Random groups of 16 teams playing each other twice (30 games)

The top 4 from each of these groups will carry there points into the championship group where 16 teams will play each other twice (30 games)

All teams has reserve and U18 squads.

Transfer Window always open

No work Permit Rules

So select any of the 64 teams and enjoy the ride, please post regular updates and screenshots of your progress on this thread.

Ps sorry for anybody who downloaded the 200 team version I had to remove it as the processing times were too long.
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just loading this up to see, is their all the cup comps still
I think when he said no transfer windows, he also said no work permit rules. I'm pretty sure he meant to say no transfer window rules. Otherwise there would be no point having £1,000,000,000 to spend.
I only have 16m to spend

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Well this I'll definitely have to try when I get home!
Started this last night. Already got- Messi, Falcao, Hulk, Pique, Muller, plus another 5-6 worldies for Nottingham Forest. I'll try to post screenshots later.
everytime i try and download this it doesnt work.. when it finishes downloading and click to open the file it just takes me to the internet and just comes up with loads of writing =/ can anyone help me?

Nvm Ive sorted it :D
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Love the fact that this means you can sell low-rated players for high prices
ive been playing this for a few hours now and i love this soo much haha its so much fun haha.. would be better if there was the fa cup and carling cup tho
hi, i have downloaded the link but it is just coming up with code and on internet explorer how do i get it to work
Did you unclick "add players to teams"? If not, it may have auto-populated your team.

Gk- Ter Stegen

Rb- Fuchs
Lb- Pizchezck (wrong spelling, Polish lad from Dortmund)

Cd- Naldo

Cm- Kaderia
Cm- Vidal

Amc- Messi
Aml/r- Jesus Navas
Amr/l- Hulk

St- Falcao

Alexis Sanchez
Gabrie Selasie
K Papoudopolas

Just coming to the end of group stage and suprisingly only third in my group behind ManU and Arsenal but only by two points. I'm ten points clear of forth place. Obviously the club is skint now but hopefully if I get no long term injuries I won't have to buy anyone else for a while. The one thing I do regret is getting rid of almost all of the existing players at the beggining. If I was to do it again I would keep 6-8 half decent players who were happy with 15-20 apps per season. I find, even though all teams have serious money and max reputation, most of the smaller sides dont strengthen as much as they could. So playing the likes of Messi, Falcao etc against Doncaster is great for my goal diff but I know sooner or later one of my first team will get injured in a game like this and I'll end up having to put a young kid out against ManU/Arsenal. Great challenge, I was getting a bit bored with FM13 kept getting the push after six months no matter which team I was I've been playing CM/FM for 15+ years and I thought that I'd reached the end of our relationship but this challenge has restored my enthusiasm again.
Sorry got Lb & Rb wrong way round. Carlo Ancelotti has just signed for Notts County, love it!