He did say British too.

Upon re-readin the OP i did miss the "(or British)" My Bad

But Still people are talking about Messi, Ozil and Paulo Henrique so it seems i miss read a small print on the scale of what they miss read :p
And Messi, Ozil, Pastore, and Paulo Henrique :)


Henrique has the potential to be better but isn't at the moment.
I would also say that Gerrard would beat all but Messi into I think every squad in the world, he might be ageing but he's still quality and the cornerstone of basically every positive result Liverpool have achieved this season.
He's asking for an English AMC, Ramsey is Welsh as well as MC and Messi,Ozil,Pastore and Paulo Henrique are all also not English.

He did say or british so Ramsey still counts :D

My bad upon reading further down the thread he got corrected anyways
wilshere becomes a beast. and he wasnt even well trained in my game, i bought him when he was 28. still pretty good tough.
Thanks for all the replies
What do you guys think of John Fleck? How good does he become?
is there any possibility at all of signing wilshere for Spurs at any point in the game??
john fleck is great. I don't play him attacking mid, I play him wide left and hes brilliant there, so may be even better in AM. try him out.
Michael Potts - Blackburn Rovers (this was a screenshot I took of him last year or Fm09, cant remember)


Jason Banton - Blackburn Rovers (plays as striker as well)
luke williams for middlesbrough in next fm game he gonna be class