English Hero FC United vs Salford City - Become the biggest club in Manchester


Sep 5, 2009
With FM15 upon us i needed one last save to tie me over to the new game. So i thought i would share this challange/scenario. For this too work of this both teams have been promoted to the skrill north.

FC United vs Salford City

You can download the database here: Zippyshare.com - Welcome to Manchester.xml

I highly recommend adding players to key teams ticked as both teams should get some regns to start with

The Challenge

Take a team of your choice from the lowest league of there respected country all the way to the top division and finally on to Champions League Glory. Become the biggest club in Manchester and maybe the world.

Put Manager Rep to semi pro or lower

The Database

Both teams have been given 1.5m balance and identical budgets Also Salford have the class of 92' at the club as well as the new board. And FC United have some old Man Utd legends at there club aswell.

Director of Football

Both clubs have a DOF which will really help in the lower league, They will suggest players and hire staff which takes the pressure off you.

Salford City

View attachment 334149

FC United

View attachment 334148:mad:



View attachment 334158View attachment 334157


View attachment 334156View attachment 334155

Zippyshare.com - Evo-stik leagues.rar - kitfiles

Logo's - Zippyshare.com - England Non League.rar -logofiles

Stadium Pic


View attachment 334152

Zippyshare.com - england level 7.rarstadiumpicfiles

Put all the graphics in your my docs/sportsint/fm14/graphics folder if you dont have one create a graphics folder. Simply clear cache and reload skin in football manager preferences and then your away.

Hope you enjoy it.
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