Victor Mosses
Tom Cairney
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Spence
connor wickham seems good but i had him for a season in my huddersfield town team and he scored 3-4 goals in over 25 appearances - needless to say he was sold at the end of the season... i bought sean scanell instead and hes a fantastic player so far.

on the note of henderson too - i had him for a season and EVERY game he played nervously and had red moral all the time no matter what i did, and no matter if he scored in a game - he got sold too because i got fed up of his moral/nervous mistakes

alex nimely is ****** brilliant as well, cheap buy from city reserves whos happy to go to lower league clubs - had him since league one i think

ive had Smithies in net since i started and hes still there in the premiership - fantastic keeper. hes now worth over 10million and his wage has had to increase to 40k/week, worth it though - wouldnt want to let him go.

dominic vose is a good player too, i think hes pretty young.

conor clifford as well from chelseas reserves, definately my best buy so far in the whole game.
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Alex Nimely (Man City)
Connor Wickham (Ipswich)
Jack Wilshere/Kieran Gibbs/Henri Lansbury (Arsenal)
Danny Welbeck (Man Utd)
Fabian Delph/Marc Albrighton (Aston Villa)
alex chamberlain and adam lallana (southampton) both are good wingers
luc caistagnos on loan - chelsea signed him on my game - i was forest and he banged goals in for fun

ahhhh the thread is called 'english' .... well he will gain nationality
ryan bennet from peterborough, he is immense, as too is jordan spence, got him in loan and play him at right back
Danny Mayor from Preston, Right Winger
Adam Barton from Preston, Central Midfield
Reuben Noble-Lazarus from Barnsley Right/Left Winger
Chris Martin from Norwich, Striker
James Henry from Millwall. Right Midfield/Winger
Joe Mason from Plymouth, Striker/Right Winger/Left Winger
Do any of the above mentioned names actually turn out to be world class? Or just good players?