EPL League - Always on ! first come 1st served


Jan 14, 2011
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EPL League - Online Always - Join Now !
I started a league only for the epl fans. Here are some rules and restrictions to be obeyed:

- A manager that takes a team, must set a password to prevent team being taken
- If somebody is caught transfer cheating, he will be sacked from game/network
- The game is online nearly anytime of the day ( As I don't work lol )
- We are able to bid for each other's players etc
- 30seconds and I force play to continue
- Let's try our best so that all teams will be taken ! Bring over your friend

Hamachi network id: footy2011
Password: 11
The ip that should be entered in the game must be the one in hamachi of Cantonian7

Come on guys let's have some fun ;)
now go in the football manager game and go to join an existing server, and write the number you see near cantonian7

right listen i have put the i.p on to my fm and then i clicked join it then I out the password in so then it adds that i.p to my server so I can join it so i'm cliking it and nothings coming up