EPL Team of the Season (DC)

EPL Team of the Season (DC) 2

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Sep 17, 2005
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Please select two DC from the list and the highest two will be selected.
Went for Terry and Anton Ferdinand, should be in the England squad because he has really impressed me.
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Same for me both have been great this season. Anton has made such an improvement as a player i hope he is in the England squad.
Rio and Toure for me. Rio dont really well to overcome his poor form early in the season, hes back to being WC now IMO
Terry & Gallas....Soild all season

Gallas has been gr8 4 Chelsea, scoring important goals aswell.

Toure has also been good 4 The Gunners.
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Terry and Ferdinand for me. Terry has been like a rock yet again this season and I have to agree with Gregor, Rio has done well to overcome the terrible form he displayed earlier on in the season.
Terry and Carragher for me, but still Rio to partner Terry for England in the WC.
Carra isnt that great, just he works hard and is very brave, not great technically (if a defender is)
Terry & Dawson for me.

They're similar but imagine them both in the same team, you'd never lose a header
That was hard, i went terry and toure because terry id say now is the best defender in the world, and toure has really proved himself as world class this season
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