Dec 7, 2008
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Ok so by now most people have worked out who the best players are or will be. The game seems to have lost a bit of its challenge (until the regen stages anyway).
I gave myself 2 simple rules:
1. I'm not allowed to suggest signings, they are purely on DOF judgement, and I cant even suggest Youth, again down to him.
2. Selling players was also down to DOF although I could set minimum fees.

Started a new save as West Ham (which can be a challenge anyway!!)

This is what he gave me first season:
View attachment 336803
Surprisingly finished 7th and won FA Cup (hardest game was Newcastle tho!!)

Second Season (before January)
View attachment 336804

I gotta tell you, there was a lot of confused looks and cursing when he started rolling them out. Now I know I would not of signed a single one of those, but its working out really well. Now I dont want to turn this into a story, just asking if anyone else has done it, and whats the most bizarre signing you have had?? and do they get better :D