Espanyol 1st season striker to take down Barca on network game


Nov 21, 2009
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Just started a network game with my brother in-law and he is Barca!!!! I have chosen Espanyol and have the challenge of taking him down. I have around 3-5 million and need a striker and attacking right midfielder. I would like someone young who I can develop through first team football and perhaps sell on to make a bit of money.

Im playing 4-2-3-1 with wide attacking midfielders. Currently running Spanish and Italian legues with large data base

Any suggestions???

Leonard Kweuke, absolute monster. Should cost you around £3.2mill.
Leonard Kweuke, absolute monster. Should cost you around £3.2mill.

not on the latest update mate!

I highly suggest buying Neal Maupay, you can sign him for around £1.29m (compensation as he is 15 years old) however, this is what he looks like at the start

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and this in a few years time!

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I would also see if you can get any of these players! (Sassa is pure class as well)
I'd go with Kozak, his petty defense wouldn't be able to handle his heading prowess.
Bianchi in a poaching role dominates

22 goals in 17 games for me in the second season