Mar 29, 2013
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I just bought fm13, and I'm a bit confused about the estimated game speed. I had fm12 last year, and I could load about 4 countries with the top few leagues and have an estimated game speed of 2 stars, which was grand. That was on a laptop with 3gb of RAM, and not a great processor. I have a new laptop now, with 8gb of RAM, and a fairly good processor, but when I go to set up a new game, I only have to select England down to League 2, with a medium database, and my game speed is half a star. It shows my computer performance is half a star. Surely it shouldn't be that low? If anyone can give me more info about this, it'd be much appreciated, cheers. |)
It doesn't feel anywhere near as low as it says. I think that if your laptop doesn't have the 3D ability then it gets an automatic decrease. As I have a 1/2 star speed but its barley slower than my 4 1/2 star pc
Thanks, about how many leagues would you suggest so? It's got 8gb of RAM, with a 1.1GHz processor.
I have 4gb ram and 1.8ghz and I generally load top German, Spain and Italy(or France) and top 2 or 3 of England. I also can play with Wales aswell as the above list.
Medium database. Sorry forgot to mention. I also change the leagues every season or so to get more scout options, jobs etc.
1.1 Ghz processor!? That's not good. Should be atleast around 2.2 GHZ

Your RAM doesn't really matter, as long as you have 2GB of RAM its completely fine.

The game mainly uses Processor. Processor determines how fast your computer clocks, think of it as quality... the better the processsor the better the quality... While RAM pretty much a quantity thing... i.e. FM13 uses up around 1.2GB ram on my laptop... so even if i had 16GB of ram, it wouldn't make any difference as only 1.2GB is required.
I have 6 gb ram..And my processor runs at 2.4 ghz and i loaded up england down to blue square premier,And the top 2 leagues from holland,germany,spain and italy..with scotland to division 3 and it runs at 4 star for each..maybe 3 and a half for game speed?

So i reckon its mainly processor speed mate..1.1 ghz doesnt meet the minimum specs for the game either?
I have 1.8ghz and I feel it is barely slower than my pc which is 2.4ghz.
Yes guys I'm having a little problem aswell I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop 2.53Ghz and 4Gb RAM at first i was playing with the top leagues and large database i had 5star for everything, two days later my game speed is half star why is this the case?
I have a 2.2ghz dual core processor and it tells me my estimated game speed is half a star. The thing is though the game still runs perfectly, even if I load a large database with 4 or 5 leagues.