Eto'o Quits Barca

didn't 1 of the middle eastern clubs try tht last year but barca turned them down
Hes just been playing for barca half an hour ago. He also scored the winning goal and unless its on the bbc, sky sports or official barca site then im not believing it.
It has to be fake, otherwise it would be on the Barcelona site.
that can't be ture, why whould he leave Barca for a club like Al-Ittihad
didn't u read it, ON LOAN, so tht means tht if it did happen tht club would pay loads and loads of money to both eto'o and barca, because the people tht own these clubs r all oil billionaires i think
Duno where it came from,but its gota be pure bollocks. Its not on the Sky Sports site
im not on sky sports sight, doesnt mean I dont exist.

It could be true, Ettos not going to the wrold cup, hes firends with the chairman, he could earn a lot of money, Barca will be getting like 2m for letting him play like 5 games.
It would be major news in Europe if it had happened.
Gregor just cos some foreign website says he's friends with the chairman doesnt mean its true
im not saying its true but its def possble

also the news is on the officail asian football website