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Jun 1, 2006
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Hi i am looking for a good striker for Auxerre, i need them to be from an Eu country tho because i have no places left in my squad for non EU players. I have around 4 mil to spend so if you have any ideas they would be much appreciated.

Cheers Tet
Can't think of many of the top of my head, but im sure that Dagoberto has dual nationality {Brazilian and French} so he is worth a go if that would work??? Not sure on the rules though :| .

Also it depends what stage of the season you are at, you should also try and sign Bojan or Higuain if you can, immense strikers who will score loads?

I would also recommend some of the threads which have been made such as "Gregor's Cheapy Cheap Cheep Recommendations [th3r3f0r3 @r3 t3h p\/\/|\|@g3]" see if you can find anything useful in there. Good thread you got going there Gregor :thup:
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thanks for your help, i am in 2010 though so i think ill have to just scout and hope lol.

Cheers and ill check out that guide not sure if czechs are EU....but tomas pekhart shud be gud in 2010..
errr . . .am not sure either but wat bout bendtnar(not to show how to spell)