Nov 3, 2012
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I've just reached the league cup finale whit gillingham I'm playing man utd. They have a champions league spot already. So my question is the following. If i lose the final will i get the Europa league spot that the winner would get? I'm still in the championship and not in the premier league.

Thanks for the help
Just to make it a 50/50 split... I believe you will not qualify. The spot goes to the next league position, so 6th (or is it 7th) in the PL gets it. So, go out there and beat them.
it will go to the 7th placed team in the re

i qualified for europe based on that techniality before
****, they are to strong for me! but i have taken down swansea,liverpool reading x2 to get to the final!
With the league cup you have too win the competition too get into the europa league otherwise the place in europe goes too the highest position in the premier league that is not in europe, its the fa cup where if you lose and your opposition gets into the champ league you get the europa league and enter in the position of where the league cup winner should enter and everyone moves up a spot in entering the competition. Hope that helps and good luck in the final
Ill get back to you with the results, its a leauge with friends so we are not playing everyday.
I played Burnley in my 1st season at Championship and I won the League Cup, I qualified for Europa League. So I guess it should come to you, maybe you will have to play qualifying rounds?
I won it! So Gillingham in the EL :) tho Man Utd was playing a lot of reservs