European/ South American Super Leagues + inter-continental competition! Links


Nov 30, 2009
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Continental Super Leagues (Links)


I have created a super league for each continent and a continental competition that combines them all:

- Completed European Super League (credit to T1LL13 link:
- Completed South American Super League (link: South American Super League (6 Tiers) - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats)
- Completed African Super League (link: African Super League (4 Tiers) - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats)
- Completed Asian Super League (link: Asian Super League (6 Tiers) - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats)
- Completed American/ Caribbean Super League (link:
- Completed Inter-Continental Competition for the above leagues (link: Continental Competition - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats)

To play...
- Place each database in the 'editor data' folder
- Select all six databases when you start a new game
- Select from nations Spain, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea and USA.

All things (such as prize money, TV revenue, reserve/ youth leagues) have been considered. All feedback (good and bad) and suggestions are welcome.

If you have previously downloaded any of my files and you are about to start a new league, I would recommended re-downloading all of them so that they are all up to date.

18/04/2013 - Minor edits made to all leagues!
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Superb mate, I don't deserve any real credit for the database. You did all the work. Lets hope we get some downloads and some feedback.
I have now done an African Super League, which I will upload ASAP. My aim is to have a super league for each continent (so just Asia and North America left) and for the intercontinental cup to include:

- 6 teams from European super league (top 5 + cup winner)
- 4 teams from South america super league (top 3 + cup winner)
- 2 teams from African super league (league winner and cup winner)
- 2 teams from Asian super league (league winner and cup winner)
- 2 teams from N American super league (league winner and cup winner)

I'm hoping with the reputation and money improvements, teams from all leagues will eventually be good enough to compete with the top European teams. I'm not yet sure about the N American super league because it will be completely dominated by USA and Mexican teams.
Bumping this thread because I've now completed the super leagues, just waiting for the American/ Caribbean super league to pass moderation.
May aswell keep bumping this, we have had 204 downloads of the File for the European League but no feedback?? lol
i will get on them later and let yous know how i get on :)
Your leagues sound amazing but i dont really know how to put it into the game, cananyone help me???

Download each file by following the links above (or just download whichever super league you want)
If you want them all you should have these databases:
- European super league, South American super league, African super league, Asian super league, American and Caribbean super league and Continental Competition.
- Place them all in the C:\Users\*your username*\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data folder.
- Launch FM and choose to play a new game (it has to be full mode NOT classic mode)
- It will ask you whether you want to change databases, tick the box.
- Select all of the super league databases and the continental competition database.
- Choose nations: Brazil (for south american super league), Spain (European), South Korea (Asian), South Africa (African), USA (American/ Caribbean).

and that's it, let me know how you get on
Just loaded up the European super leagues and I have no idea where to start! I can tell this will keep me entertained for hours. brilliant work.
am I the only one missing the youth team training? it is not available at all.
Okay, youth teams don't seem to have a training section like the first team. After a quick look, I haven't seen an option in the editor to edit this feature so I'm not sure how to implement it. You can set position training and a training focus still and after holidaying for 10 years, it didn't seem to make much difference to youth development (players seem to develop fine).
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This is great!
I've been trying out the European and S.American leagues and now that you've released a league for each continent, it's even better!!
Thanks for this!!!!
I have found an issue with this database, the European Super League to be exact. All the former Spanish clubs need to have their individual tv deal changed or else they will get that money instead of the intended tv money. And that will hurt the "smaller" spanish sides I would expect
Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks for pointing out this issue... now, are you talking about the spanish clubs that are within the 16 european divisions (not the lower and non-league teams)? I went on holiday for a few seasons and compared the tv income for spanish teams with other teams, e.g. a 4D spanish team with a 4D russian team, and both received the same (and intended) amount. I looked at barcelona and they were receiving their individual deal of ~150m, so I think the team gets whichever tv deal (individual or shared) is highest. This will give the spanish teams with really high tv deals an advantage so I've removed them. Sorry if I've misinterpreted what you've said and please explain if so,

and @wr1097,

Did you use the continental competition database aswell? It really gives you an ultimate goal to aim for especially if your in one of the 'weaker' continents.
Hi, I been playing/simming this for a while is currently in the year 2044. Currently I'm having problems participating in the Championship of Continents.

It's seems a the selection for participants from the Asian and NA premier is determined by reputation instead of league and cup winners. I won the AFC cup twice and AFC league once but wasn't selected for the Asia slot and I also wasn't selected for the NA slot when I won the AC Cup
That's strange, I've checked the file in the editor and everything is set up the right for each league, I will test this out as soon as I can (holiday for a few seasons) and try to figure out what's happening. Just to check, you have downloaded and selected all six databases - European, South American, African, Asian, American, Continental Competition? also, are you using any other databases aswell?
I have figured out the cause of this bug and fixed it :) Thanks for presenting this issue to me, and could I ask you something else...
how are things looking in 2044? any teams from the weaker continents win the championship of continents? I'm sorry but you will have to download the American and Asian super league again,

Thanks for the fix, so far only Seattle Sounders FC won it 2034 & 2038 but Suwon and Joenbuk came second once and Colombus came second twice.
files are in xml format, not do you change it so it will work?