Evan Almighty


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Sep 15, 2005
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Dear me this was an extremely bad film. Looked kinda promising from the trailers but the funny just didn't seem to be there. Apart from the one scene with the fish tank (i did chuckle at that I have to admit) It was amazingly unfunny. See something else if you have the choice! :D

i quite fancy it but there is so many other films out or coming out i would rather go see
My laptop at home is currently burning it onto DVD for me, watched the first 20 mins last night and didn't think it was THAT bad, won't live upto Bruce standards as Jim Carey >.

Will give it a watch tomorrow night i think and let you know what i think!
Well the thing is all the 'comedy' seems to be in the first half of the show. Then the last half is just lame family fun with animals helping him build the ark and him and his family being all super lame.
I liked it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though.

Oh and the fish tank scene did rock. :)
Yeah I have to agree, I was hoping it would be good because it's a spin off from Bruce Almighty and that was ok, this was just boring for me though. If you want a good film to watch, Transformers.
i'm going to see the simpsons on thursday :D
Haven't heard of this, is it sposed to be like Bruce's son or something??
Evan Baxter (guy who got Anchor position above Bruce on other one)........ it's about him, he's in congress now, and God comes to him asks him to build an ark.