Everton’s Romelu Lukaku is a traditional No 9 who could play in any era

Jonathan Wilson

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Aug 1, 2010
The Belgian striker has the muscle, bustle and hustle to cause opponents damage and, despite a few faults, would be a name to be feared on any teamsheetThere is much about modern football that would bewilder a visitor from 100 years ago. Even after they had got used to the lightweight kit, the ball that bent and swerved and did not absorb water as the game went on, the firm and grassy pitches, the goalkeepers in latex gloves and the extraordinary cost of everything, they would still be puzzled by how the game was played.
Why all the defenders? And why did they all play so far from their goal? And what was the goalkeeper doing coming that far out? (Get back! You’re not Leigh Roose!). And why did so many strikers play like GO Smith of the Corinthians, dropping deep all the time? But Everton would provide him with some solace.
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