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Oct 23, 2009
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As there isn't a guide for Everton yet, I have decided to create this. Which is now my second attempt due to technical mishaps-not my fault. So hopefully it will come out better this time around. This is an open thread for help, suggestions, ideas-anything to do with Everton FC in FM 2013, including regens and anything to do with the transfer market. If it's helpful put it here. Thankyou.

Team Name:
Everton Football Club (formally Saint Domingo's FC)

1878 (became Everton Football Club in 1879)

Goodison Park

The Toffee's (Peoples Club sonsidered semi-nickname)

Fierce Rivalries:
Liverpool Football Club (though recently considered more respectful)

Other Rivalries:
Manchester United, Tranmere Rovers, Manchester City


First Division

Champions: 1890-91, 1914-1915, 1927-28, 1931-32, 1938-39, 1962-63, 1969-70, 1984-85, 1986-87
Runners-up: 1889-90, 1894-95, 1901-02, 1904-05, 1908-09, 1911-12, 1985-86

Second Division

Champions: 1930-31
Runners-up: 1953-54

FA Cup

Winners: 1906, 1933, 1966, 1984, 1995
Runners-up: 1893, 1897, 1907, 1968, 1985, 1986, 1989, 2009

Football League Cup

Runners-up: 1977, 1984

FA Charity Shield

Winners: 1928, 1932, 1963, 1970, 1984, 1985, 1986 (shared), 1987, 1995
Runners-up: 1933, 1966

Full Members Cup

Runners-up: 1989, 1991

Super Cup

Runner-up: 1985–86

FA Youth Cup

Winners: 1965, 1984, 1998
Runners-up: 1961, 1977, 1983, 2002


European Cup Winners' Cup: 1985

People of Note

Players: Brian Labone, Dixie Dean, , Graeme Sharp, Duncan Ferguson, Kevin Campbell, Kevin Ratcliffe, Neville Southall, Peter Reid, Tim Cahill, Bob Latchford, Dave Watson, Leighton Baines, Alan Ball

Howard Kendall, Joe Royle, David Moyes, Harry Catterick

Facilities and general information: Top training and youth facilities, perfect grass pitch with undersoil heating, basic corporate facilities, poor stadium condition.

Stadium Capacity: 39571 all-seater

Other Info: Average junior coaching, above average youth recruitment


As in real life, the financial situation is poor. The balance is round about £6.5 million but the loan debt is £152 million. When you start out, you will have a transfer budget of £1.5 million, and a wage budget of just over £36k available. The season expectation is to finish top half-you can change if you wish to get more income. However be warned. Not only will you put more pressure on yourself and have more to risk, but also the increase in funds in very, very small so to be honest I'd stick to the top half finish. The players will be more than able to do the job for you. You will also be expected to develop your youth players so be prepared to use them in a few games. Especially Ross Barkley-he has very high potential. Don't let him be wasted on the bench or reserve matches.



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Tim Howard

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Jan Mucha


View attachment 307989
Leighton Baines

View attachment 307990
Bryan Oviedo

View attachment 307991
Sylvain Distin

View attachment 307992
John Heitinga

View attachment 307993
Shane Duffy

View attachment 307994
Phil Jagielka

View attachment 307995
Phil Neville

View attachment 307996
Tony Hibbert

View attachment 307997
Seamus Coleman


View attachment 307999
Marouane Fellaini

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Darron Gibson

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Steven Pienaar

View attachment 308002
Kevin Mirallas

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Leon Osman

View attachment 308004
Magaye Gueye

View attachment 308005
Steven Naismith

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Ross Barkley


View attachment 308007
Apostolos Vellios

View attachment 308008
Victor Anichebe

View attachment 308009
Nikica Jelavic

It is also worth remembering that Gueye, Mirallas, and Naismith can also be employed as strikers so if your main striker is injured you have immediate backup-it is great to have such flexibility and you will find extremely useful. Also Anichebe can be employed as an attacking midfielder on the right hand side. And Leighton Baines can be employed on left midfield as a secondary role aswell. Again this could be useful if Pienaar is injured and you don't have suitable replacement. However, this can be risky as the LB position will be much weaker.

The first team squad is strong, and would only require 2 or 3 additions in my opinion. Due to the financial restrictions it would be best to look for either free transfers or loan signings. However, with only just over £36k available for wages, I'd recommend transferring money from the transfer kitty into the wages to ensure stability and also have some leeway while trying to bring in free transfers, as there are some very good players available out there, but they may command quite high wages. Though of course, if you really wanted to you could sell the best players. When you start out, you soon get bids for Leighton Baines from Man Utd (usually £20 million-but in 48 month installments), Heitinga attracts the attention of AC Milan and Fellaini attracts Athletico Madrid. You can either sell or keep them but be warned. As soon as you reject bid the agents come along demanding improved player contracts. I came across Leighton Baines agent wanting a wage for his player of £65,000 so be wary.

There are also a few coaching/scouting changes you may wish to bring in aswell. Have a look through the staff, and decide what you want to change. There are improvements to the scouting team I would recommend aswell. I'd recommend keeping Steve Round as assistant manager aswell as he has good attributes. I'd recommend having a look at Joe Jordan as a coaching addition. He's without a club and has excellent man management, mental and motivational attributes. Though I'd look at replacing Steve Tashjian as fitness coach as his wage clearly does not reflect his ability as fitness coach. In my opinion anyway-I have certain standards when I pick my coaching staff/scouts.

Potential Transfers

As I previously mentioned, because of the dire financial state, you will probably have to rely on free transfers or loans. Or you could sell your players. Such as the aforementioned Heitinga, Baines or Fellaini. But bear in mind-it's unclear just how much of that money you will be able to invest for future transfers due to the debt situation. However, when you first start you will see that Manchester United's Anderson is available for transfer and for loan so worth taking a punt there. Also available for loan is ACF Fiorentina's right back Mattia Cassani, who is in their reserve squad and also listed for transfer or loan. You can get Cassani for £130k loan fee, and pay 50% of his wages which would be £14750 before tax. Anderson would cost £50k loan fee, £15000 wages. However, you'd have to fight off other clubs such as Newcastle United to get him and it's not always a guarantee you'll get him. You may wish to consider downloading a player shortlist for an easier scan for players who are available on frees-there are gems available.


The formations most suited to the players you have at your disposal are either 4-4-1-1, or a 4-5-1 formation. Either would be perfect for the team. However you may have your own ideas so you may chose to start from scratch. If so, you'll need to think carefully about who you chose to sell and bring in. Personally I prefer the 4-5-1 as each player fits in perfectly. 4-4-1-1 is effective aswell-especially with Pienaar behind Jelavic, but players like Mirallas aren't as effective. He is much better pushed further up than normal right midfield position-but you can tell this by the shade of green of course. It's pretty much up to you to experiment with and try for yourself.

I don't use a target man, nor do I use a playmaker. The players have the creativity and mindset to decide for themselves who to pass to and to see who's open so in my opinion it's not necessary. I normally don't always use marking of opposition players. However, that's what I did in lower league management and this is my first proper management attempt of a Premier League club so it may be subject to change though I'd prefer that to not be the case. I'd rather have players be able to have the freedom to do as they see best. However, I will update the tactical side as I go alone. If you have any better suggestions/ideas, please feel free to add them to the thread. I shall be updating on a regular basis to give people an idea of how it's going. I also encourage more expressive creativity, allow the players to roam and have a balanced style, combined with standard strategy.

The passing I use is shorter, I press more and have more cautious tackling as the refs have been douchebags lately. The tempo is a little bit under normal, the crosses will be floated in and I use man marking aswell. The defensive line shall be normal and the passing mixed. However this too shall be subject to change, as no match has the same weather conditions. Gusty days can pretty much ruin crossing so always analyze the weather forecasts thoroughly-aswell as the opposition team reports.

So there we go. If I think of anything else to add that I think I may have missed, I will add to it and feel free to add to the thread that will help others out-may even help myself out. And I shall post how much success I am having with the tactics and so forth-and like I mentioned, post yours if they are successful. Every bit of feedback or advice will always help someone out who is struggling.


*due to my laptop shutting down, and myself not saving the game I will have to start from scratch again. However I shall be sticking to the mentioned formations/strategies mentioned and post wether or not they are successful.

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Preseason and Player/Staff Movement


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Gwyn Williams - Director of Football

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Joe Jordan - Coach


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Mattia Cassani - RB/LB/WBR/WBL


None - loan negotiations ongoing

Preseason fixtures and results

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As you can see, it's a bit of a mixed bag. As I planned, I used the 4-4-1-1 formation. Though we did lost to Preston, that was entirely down to me. I got a bit cocky and assumed the players would be able to bulldozer their way through Preston's 4-5-1 but safe to say it quite pan out that way. However, as you can see the results were much better the following games, though the weather wreaked havoc with some of the plans. And in the last match, and the match against Grazer AK, it became very, very disjointed. The Grazer AK match I lost Hibbert, Pienaar, Jelavic, Gibson, Naismith, and Fellaini to either injury or fatigue so had to go to plan B. Central midfield wasn't too much of a problem as I could put Barkley/Osman behind the striker, and had Neville and Heitinga who could cover at CM, though Neville can be exposed against pacey opposition obviously. I also placed Oviedo at LM too and it worked pretty well-in the last match he got an 8.0 rating, second to Vellios who was MoM with 2 goals. So injuries and fatigue did affect some of the outcomes along with excellent performances from opposing goalkeepers.

And when Mirallas was playing at normal RM without being pushed up it worked slightly better than I thought it would-though only slightly. What I will say though about those stats above, they should have been much better but there was poor weather (strong winds combined with rain) in pretty much all the matches in Austria-must be typical Austrian weather I guess lol. And Shane Duffy is definately worth playing as he put in some very good performances, and Barkley showed glimpses of great passing. Hopefully the crossing will improve in the following matches-the PL campaign is about to kick off against West Ham.

Above is how my set stall out prior to kickoff. Until now, I haven't used any marking instructions. But I do tell the players to clear the ball to the flanks-obviously it's safer as the further out wide the further from your GK. As of yet, I'm undecided on the strongest squad to use, only because of internationals/injury/fatigue. Though you can pretty much get an idea from real life. For example Baines and Pienaar on the left, Jagielka and Distin at the back, Mirallas wide right cutting in, Pienaar tucked behind the striker, that sort of thing and Fellaini as a BWM set to defend. Have a play around to suit your style but don't go to flamboyant. Expect them to do too much and it'll just go wrong.

As my season progresses I post more updates and screenies as I go along. Hopefully it'll go okay though this is the PL after all!

One other thing I should mention. I highly recommend watching the matches IN FULL. The number of times I've used key moments, and missed an injury to a player, spotting a player out of position...lost count. So can't recommend it highly enough-you see everything, and don't miss the chance to change anything when needed to influence the outcome. Key moments isn't worth the risk. That's my opinion anyway.
Again, as you can see it's a mixed bag, with the player still getting used to things. The West Ham match was a disaster as I tried out my plan of giving no marking instructions which I've had success with before but this time it was disastrous. Don't it with Andy Carroll playing. He just needed a piece of space and bagged one. And Jarvis pretty much ripped Osman apart with his pace and had a field day down the left getting his 2 goals. But as mentioned, the strategy was still in it's early stages. The matches against Norwich and Huddersfield marked a major improvement as demonstrated by the stats as I reverted to a control strategy-and it was total domination. Both sides had good players so I kept the ball with a normal tempo and used marking this time-and it paid off.

Stoke-back to the drawing board. Their crossing was sublime ripping us to shreds and aided Crouch in netting his 2 goals. They also have very physical players and good height which killed our crossing game. And when Mirallas, Pienaar and Naismith got a whiff of the penalty area they were immediately pushed aside by the back 4. Defending against Crouch is very, very difficult. One bit of space and the GK is picking the ball from the back of the net. Though my cause wasn't helped by injuries again. And Spurs game was just as poor. Crossing non-existant, ripped to shreds on the flanks-Bale was just undefendable. Bad day all round. Tried to keep the ball but again out-muscled and pushed around. I think I may have caused that, but I was limited with players available also.

Chelsea match-different story. I opted for once more a 4-5-1 formation, but this time made it narrower, and closed down Ben Arfa, Hazard, Mata and Jelavic all through the match, and adopted man marking with weaker foot combination and hard tackling and it worked along with showing on to weaker foot. Basically harassed them all the time but made sure the players stayed on their feet while tackling-a player like Oscar can basically jump over you if you mistime it. It also killed off their crossing aswel as the players were always in their faces. I also used the unorthodox approach of playing Heitinga in CM with defending mentality paired along side Fellaini, with Neville covering the back 4 behind him in DM and it paid off. Lampard was cancelled out as a threat. With 2 CM's defending with Neville as DM, it allowed the FB's the freedom to go forward with Gueye and Pienaar doing likewise and cut inside. Though it was Heitinga's lovely 25-yarder which won the game. Basically it was retaining the ball, disciplined approach but with some fluidity. The key player though was Fellaini winning 12 out 13 tackles, and the same number won for headers with 5 being key-and Jagielka was similarly effective during set pieces and any incoming crosses.

*Heitinga was playing CM as Darron Gibson was injured
This isn't meant to be the perfect guide btw-there's no such thing as a perfect tactic. And there's still going to be tweaks required but it's only 5 games into the season and I'm only 6 points off the top which is occupied by West Ham ( :O ). Remember it's a thread to share things to help improve other peoples game
With regards to the above post, I have had to abandon the 4-4-1-1 and the 4-5-1 formation. However, I tried this out:


And I cannot recommend it enough if I'm honest and I'm not embarassed enough to admit I needed help-never claimed to be a tactical genius anyway lol. But I would only use it if you have players with high stamina, determination and work rate. I don't know if anyone else has bought in players via loan, bought them or what. I'm using this with the core set of players I started off with as I only brought in one player via loan. You will find the number of CCC's goes up, shots on target goes up, and possession goes through the roof. Though right now my crossing stats are suffering as I have lost Leighton Baines for 4 weeks. However, since I started using it I have had the following: 3 wins 2 losses 1 draw. Though technically 1 of those losses was very unlucky as I was playing with 10 men because of an injury, which was down to my poor judgement. And the other loss was to Man City who are loaded with pace and flair and everything else.

I highly recommend reading through the OP of that thread regarding tweaks, instructions etc. I pretty much play without marking instructions-mainly closing down and hard tackling of key opposing players. And I also instructed Mirallas and Pienaar to cut inside, and instruct Baines to move into channels. And when I can I play Osman in the AM slot as an IF, and Jelavic as a DLF, and have both my CM's on defend role.

As I said the credit does not go to me for this tactic but TBH
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I cant win with EVERTON ! having a nightmare these tactics arent working either i need help
I went Everton a couple of files ago and I used the 4-4-1-1 formation and that formation would perfect for me as I played it control and fluid with high closing down and man marking with counter attacking football

The thing I didn't do though was sell either baines or fellaini I kept hold of them and I finished 4th in the league in my first season and qualified for the champs league

The team I played was

Coleman Jag Distin baines
miralles Gibson Osman pienaar

That team did well with me and got me in the top 4
I cant win with EVERTON ! having a nightmare these tactics arent working either i need help

Hi, i apologize for my english 'cause i'm from Chile.

I started to play with everton after totenham fired me (and hire moyes). For winning with everton one of the tactics must be a counter attack tactic, and in this site you can find a perfect one (i beat m. city, chelsea and spurs) and then use another tactic for the average teams