Everton in a dogfight - Neville

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Aug 23, 2006
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Everton captain Phil Neville admits the Blues are in a relegation battle after their 2-0 defeat by Bolton at the Reebok Stadium on Sunday.

I wouldn't be surprised if they got relegated. In fact, being a Liverpool fan I may have to throw a party if that did happen.

Alex is also very pleased with how Everton's season is going ;)
Be interesting to see what happens. I'm going up to Goodison Park on march 19th I think to see them play Fulham. We'll be interesting to see if we are able to capitalise on there poor form (if it remains poor). Saying that though, we've never win at Goodison Park.
What the **** happened to Everton this season?
With no financial backing other teams have just passed them with quality on their squads simple as that. Its a shame but with no financial backing Moyes cant take Everton forward.
I think moyes has took them as far as they can go, and it's a real shame because moyes is a terrific manager. He's done wonders with what he's got, but if he wants the best out of his career then he's best moving on. Everton need to sell up and get an owner who actually wants to spend money on the club.
shame considering how well they have done in recent seasons. Moyes is a top manager but even he can't do anything with no financial backing
Hopefully they don't get relegated, wouldn't be the same without playing them in the Premier League.
Just glad it's a minority of liverpool fans who are saying it would be great if Everton got relegated. Pretty stupid thing to say. It's not nice to see ANY club in this sort of situation with the history, and tradition Everton have. I said exactly the same thing of Liverpool, Newcastle, West Ham. Bottom line is, no team is good enough to go down. It's the results that determine wether or not a club stays up, and some support from the board is nice aswell. Like the other board members who have remained quiet, and chose to build a new building instead.
I'm also surprised with the stick Moyes is starting to get aswell. Yes, he has made strange decisions during a match. But hasn't SAF? Hasn't Benitez? Hasn't Mourihno? It's not just down to the manager, it's the players aswell. He's stuck with what he's got, and injuries aren't helping much either. It was thanks to Moyes we made a cup final. It was thanks to Moyes we made Europe. All on a shoestring budget. Just remember that.
Shame for Moyes very talented manager but has had little financial backing from the board. Cant see them going down but.
Shame for Moyes very talented manager but has had little financial backing from the board. Cant see them going down but.

He deserves to be at a better club. Better meaning where there is financial stability, and where the board actually does what they can to help. And there's absolutely no-one who can blame him if he went elsewhere. He needs a dam long holiday though lol.
Moyes is one of britains best managers he make it to europe with everton with almost no budget he deserves a better board one that actually tries to improve the team.
I love David Moyes brill Manager defo needs cash injection IF they go down will be interested to see if Everton can keep hold of him.
most of my mates are evertonians they told me david moyes is close to waking out on everton before the end of the season i do really hope everton get out this mess