Dec 8, 2012
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Ok so, I've just started a new save with everton (as my tottenham save got bugged, i raged.)

I've sold;
Fellaini (26m to PSG, needed funds)
Jan mucha (1.9m)

Trying to get rid of mirallis for 9M

Bought in;
Sassa (Plan to play him as AMC, unless anyone else has a diff suggestion)
Ademilson (Str, obviously)
Fierro (Str)
Will Hughes (CM - B2B, or AP)
Peruzzi (RB)

What I want/Need is;
Defender (CB) - What I'm really after is a defender who can score a decent amount from corners/set pieces. Zouma is my future target, at the moment he'll be too expensive. Same with martinez, and I'm debating with Hanley atm. Tackling/Marking i can re-train, but i want high jumping/heading and concentration to start. I like the look of Papathopoulos or whatever his god **** name is from werder bremen (18 tackling etc), not kyriakos.

Goalkeeper -
I'm probably going to buy Koval to eventually replace my first choice keeper (Unless he's ready to start in the prem straight away?) if he isn't, i'd like a keeper whose ready to go now, that im not going to want to hurt myself for replacing in 2 seasons time.

And really, another 2 young centre midfields/AMs

I've about 14-15M to spend.
Scratch that all.

My game keeps closing to an unknown error. Along with my tottenham save being bugged out, there's no update to download and i can't even get it to run long enough to play a prem game. This is like the 5th save i've started aswell. I don't want to save it everytime i move a players position.

**** it. /Ragequit.