Jan 16, 2009
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Im 5th in the prem but seem to be leaking alot of goals, just wundered if there was any CB or DM to sign that might help me keep the door shut :)

Thank you in advance :)
I have a budget of about 5-6mil and am currently playing distin and jagielka with rodwell/fellaini in the DM..
cahill, shaawcross or maybe david luiz, had good experince with them
Thank you for the suggestions, am currently looking at all my options :)
Sebastian Coates has a release clause of 2.4 million. Top class defender, 196 cm tall so is a tank in the air
I had Emmanuel Badu on my Napoli save and he was one of my most consistent performers. You can get him pretty cheap too if I remember rightly, I stick by him for my DM position, however others say that Kofi Agyei is also great in that position - and he's dubbed the next Essien, so yeah.
Anthony Annan mate, the best DM in the game after Mascherano.. and so cheap.. 3,5 M ( Euros )