Jul 2, 2013
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Hey guys,

I need some help finding a tactic to work. I'm in Season 5 and I need a some new tactic suggestions as my current one has become ineffective.

I'm including screenshots of players who are potential first team talent and I still have about 20M to spend so if there is a type of player that you think I need to make a formation to work, I can splash some cash.

I'm going to include a link to the my steam profile with the screenshots as I can't seem to make these bigger.

Thanks for any suggestions,View attachment 366223View attachment 366222View attachment 366221View attachment 366220View attachment 366219View attachment 366218View attachment 366217View attachment 366216View attachment 366215View attachment 366214View attachment 366213View attachment 366212View attachment 366211View attachment 366210View attachment 366209View attachment 366208View attachment 366207View attachment 366206
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