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Sep 17, 2005
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Right well i have never had this before but it's uber gay.Started a game with Valencia this morning, sold Villa for 35m to hard to turn down. The chairman asks for a key signing so i sign Luca Toni, he seemed happy so i left it at that keeping what cash i had left for Jan. But ohh no he decides thats not enough and wastes my cash and starts buying his own players.
i dont care 8m down the pan. I have 2 left backs. **** chairman
I had this before with AC Milan, Mr Berlusconi said that i needed to break the bank and bring in a high profilr player, so i bought Fabregas, this was 3 years in.

He was happy but a day before the end of the transfer window i get a message saying he wanted to see more high profile signings and was dissapointed. So he went and bought Juan Arango who wasnt good enough for my first team but cost 14.25 mill, so annoyin.

Soz no screenies because game corrupted.
yeah seen this a few times before tbh, only happened to me though once i think. Lyon's chairman does it alot, wonder if the seem people do it every game
Never happened to me except in 2006 when i was chelsea as Abromovich bought paul robinson!!
Yeah happened to me once with Chelsea, I signed David Villa butAbramovich wasn't happy with just the one high-profile player so he signed Dejan Stankovic!
happened to me also and chairman was after high profile signigs so he signed johann vogel for 6m...hes **** aswell
Happened to me luckly i had a fairly clever chairman at the time, welcome to the Forum Celtic FC, nice post to introduce yourself with