Ex-Liverpool owner seeks damages

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Aug 23, 2006
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Former Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks asks the High Court to lift orders preventing him from seeking about $1bn in damages.

I think I speak for the whole Premier League when I say **** off you ******. Have some spot of decorum...
Ffs. Get lost. You should be paying Liverpool for your damages, not the other way around
£1 Billion are you ******* crazy XD You gave permisson for that Brouston guy to have deciding vote basiclly you appointed him, your own fault so suck it up and be a man...
think should do everybody a favour and crawl back under the stone from whence he came. what a knobcheese
**** you, you fat ****.
£1bn was probaly the biggest number he could think of and is now demanding it. Just **** off now please :)
**** off. Haven't you caused the club, the fans and the Premier League enough trouble?

If I was him, I would certainly not have the cheek to ask for a penny, let alone $1BN. ****.
He owes the club that amount for the scandal and upheaval he caused at this club. Glad to see fans of other clubs even slam this!!!
What the fu** would that old **** do with the £1b? The man is 65 and have already enough money...why would he need more? Stupid idiot.