Dec 24, 2009
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Hi guys I am playing with Exeter City it is my 1st season but I dont know who to sign, im on a free budget man city just bought one of my youngsters for 20 mill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How the **** is an Exeter City youngster worth 20 Mill?

I've also got an Exeter save, pushing for the playoffs atm, free transfers and loans appear to be the way forward- Giles Sunu and Holmar Eyjolfsson are fantastic loans. I also signed Seb Carole on a free transfer, to strengthen the weak wingers position at City. If you need any help, VM Me :p
Are you cheating, who in the first season would be a youngster in the Rxeter youth for 20 million
Oh come on. If you're going to cheat, at least admit to it rather than claim City bought a youngster for 20 mil.
ok mate i werent lying, but my useless friend but him on a online game
Haha I would believe you if it was a regen and you weren't in your 1st season. Blatently cheating.