Feb 15, 2010
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Hi before i start asking questions i have looked at other threads and i do not find them very helpful :/

Right well i'm luton just started in league 1 and i've had 2 consecutive promotions from the bsp. i'm now filling 10k+ fans and thats nearly a sell out!

i have 4m in the bank, due to my really low wage budget, i've won the fa vase, runner up in johnstone paint tropy, and 5th round in the fa cup.

I requested to buy the stadium we don't own but use last season it got half way though planning and they cancalled it :S grrr:'(

I now have requested with 4m in the bank to buy a new stadium and the board said it was too lack of funds...... how much money do i need to build a new stadium? i should make about 500k-2m profit this season depending on my league pos and how well i do in the cups and that is without promotion.

Any ideas folks or how much it would cost?

thanks for reading!
I'm not sure how much it costs in Football Manager, but stadiums would generally cost around the £13,000,000 mark (and that's for a small, 10,000 or so) seater stadium.
My burnley team need 180 M to build 40000 capacity stadium