Dec 25, 2009
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A question that's been baring on my crust for a while now and just out of curiosity.... Is there anywhere in the tatical side of exposing the slowness of a defence or is it just down to a player's ability to skip past them ?!

Depends if there defence line is set to deep or not. Set "Pass the ball into space" and make sure your creative players are set to Through balls often and your strikers are moving into channels.
through balls - often [on player instructions to your midfield/playmaker.]
Thanks for the heads up mate just playing Boro now and they have set their defence line to deep so Ima see what I can produce from here on !!

Much appreciated :)

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Ended up beating Boro 3-0 away from home with the tatics you both suggested. Ima play Modric and Khedira in the middle this time Modric being my playmaker with advanced playmaker and attack options being used... Im just wondering should I also use my wide men being slected to use the channels also ?!?! Can only try I guess :)
Normally I just pass into space push higher up get ball foward and look for overlap