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extended swiss leagues


Feb 2, 2010
in this database i have extended the swiss league from 3 tiers to 5 and to do that i have had to activate the 4th tier and then create the 5th tier and most of the teams in it. if you find any errors witht he database please feel free to post them so that i can fix them although it seemed to work well when i holidayed through it.

i've updated this database so the swiss cup includes all teams as before it was ignoring tier 5 clubs and some tier 4 clubs but including tier 6 clubs (inactive lower division only there for relegation/promotion purposes)

i've now given this database another update so that the teams get some prizemoney to keep them functioning and i've also put awards in for the created divisions.

new link --> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RB5WQRBD
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