Jan 9, 2013
Reaction score
I've just finished my 3rd season with Liverpool and in my 2 seasons of playing champs league football I've had unbelievable score in the knockout stages.

in my second season and obviously 1st in champs league I played Lyon in the quarters.first game I got thumped 6-0 away from home but won 8 nil and home.

3rd season I beat Juve 7nil at home but then get hammered 8-2 away from home.

I've obviously went through both times but that's outrageous.it can't really be my tactics as they are fine throught the season even away to teams like City and Utd.I have a control,attacking and counter tactic.

Anyone else noticed strange results in the champs league like this?
I've always felt that Euopre is a much diferent beast to tackle than the domestic League. Look at City in real life: They destory teams in England yet for two seaosns running, can't get out of their group. Just becasue something works in the domestic leagues dose not mean it'll work against teams who'll be as good, if not better than you while compeating in Euopre. I think the pressure of the stage plays a part (if it dosn't, it should.)
I've experienced everything from a 6-5 defeat to a 9-3 victory in my FM 13 game so far. It really is insanity, I beat Man Utd 4-0 first leg and lose 7-1 away!!! It is unpredictable.
I still find it amusing how some poeple think these results are unrealistic. Has everyone forgotten the results we saw last year in the Barcleys Premier Leauge :p

I still remember the sicking defeat I suffered a few days ago In FM13 agasint United in the Champions League Semi Final. Beat United 1-4 away and they blitzed me 2-5 at home. Distraught I was. But let's face it, these kind of games are why we play FM. Football has never (and never will) been predictable. I love this game captures the fact that anything is possible in football.
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I'm in my 7th season and one thing I've noticed is that the good teams (man city and myself) are amazing, man city won their first 16 games of the premier league!! But the poor teams are awful, burnley have 8 points half way through the season!!
well whenever i get an extreme score against me I just quit to start screen so its all good.
Not mine result but AI PSG owned FC Kobenhaven in champions league 12-1 away! (ibrahimovic 5 goals, Lewandowski 3 goals)

I could not believe my eyes when I saw it
I always find that in the CL the team playing at home first hammer a team in the first leg but then get hammered in the second, it's a case of how much you get beat by to get through. This is like every leg!!! Also, I feel home advantage has way too much influence.
Yes exactly it seems like it's only a certain to games in the champs league every year.I understand there will be big scores but the ones I said in my openening post r ridiculous.in the juve game I was 4 nil up within 15 mins and 5 nil down after 20 mins away.we will c what happens this season
It's more the extreme results over two games over the same week I don't understand
I seem to remember the same from older versions of FM, you'd win at home/away in the champs league 5-0 and then lose the next leg 6-0, thought I hadn't seen as much in this version but I'm starting to notice it more the further I get into the game...