Aug 18, 2012
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Hey everybody!

I come up with a new challenge, F.C. Porto Challenge.
The challenge is about making money on players.


Bought player - Name** sold to club** for minimum 3 of what you've bought him for.
Players from the academy - Name** sold to club** for minimum 3 of what he is worth.

Always remember a resale clause on minumum 25 %.

Pointsystem: (after 4 years, on how many money you have earned on transfers)
2.500.000.000 =200 points =175 points
1.500.000.000 =150 points =100 points
750.000.000 = 50 points
250.000.000 = -50 points
200.000.000 = -100 points
150.000.000 = -150 points
100.000.000 = -175 points
50.000.000 = - 200 points

No cheating, that means no use of FMGENIE SCOUT, FM LIVE EDITOR and EDITOR.

Just write this:

Players name:
Bought from:(where did you buy the player)?
Sold to:
Money earned:

Picture is needed.
I think this is a decent idea but you should incorporate some sort of requirement into it where you must at least challenge for the title every year and reach a certain stage of the Champions League. Otherwise people will just sell all of their players off and not worry about how well the team does.
I will do this, my 7, 5 star potentials are finally reaching there best!! :p