Dec 8, 2008
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can you ever play as this team cause its my goal to be incharge
Use data editor and put them in Blue Square!
I've done that before with FC United of Manchester, as a United fan I wanted to play with united in LLM lol
Eventually and randomly they might get promoted to aplayable league on the game but its a gamble and it could never happen. So like Finn says move them to the bottom playable league.
nar there not on it as a playable team but use the editor the next closest thing would be AFC Wimbledon in BS N/S i think there in think i might be them hahaha
i added them in the editor to blue quare north worth it not easy playing but that makes it more fun
My mate said that they get promoted within the first 2 seasons on his FM09 every time. I haven't seen it myself, but then again i aint looked. He said something about a LLM challenge on a site he goes on, where to join the challenge you start unemployed and wait until they are in BSN (usually after the first year)
thanks alot ive edited it so m gonna try my hand at this
lol good luck make 2 of you're player's 20 at everything
try gettin blackpool promoted to the prem now thats a challenge:Dlol
this thread has risen from the dead :S