FA charges Brown after headbutt

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Aug 23, 2006
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Fulham midfielder Michael Brown is charged with violent conduct after headbutting Liverpool's Xabi Alonso.

Rubbish, like Andy Gray (or Kris Kamara said) i cant remember who it was, Browns "headbutt" motion came after Alonso had walked into him!
So because Alonso walked across him Brown is allowed to headbutt him? Sounds fair to me. :whistle:
Yeh the fact is, he nutted him wether they walked into each other or not.

what i am saying is, the headbutt "motion" (i.e head down and pushed forward) came AFTER the contact was made from them walking into eachother....so he TRIED to headbutt him hard, but was too late!, check the videos.
well alonso must have a soft nose if he didnt **** him hard :p
Lol, well if you get a chance to watch it ( might be on youtube) you will see he makes the headbutt motion AFTER contact, and the first 'headbutt' (is intentional) but not really a **** more like a collision...you wil see what i and Kamara mean.
he hardly touched him...should of slapped ed ned ted n fred right on end of spanish ****** nose if u ask me lmao