FA Cup 4th Round


Sep 17, 2005
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Stoke City/Tamworth v Barnsley/Walsall
Cheltenham Town/Chester City v Newcastle United

Coventry v Nuneaton Borough/Middlesbrough

West Brom/Reading v Torquay/Birmingham

Portsmouth v Liverpool

Leicester v Southampton

Bolton v Arsenal

Aston Villa v Port Vale

Brentford v Sunderland

Manchester City v Wigan/Leeds

Millwall/Everton v Chelsea

Preston v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Blackburn

Colchester v Derby

Charlton v Leyton Orient

Wolves v Burton/Manchester United
arsenal's hope for glory will end in tha 4th round

and so will burtons :p
Looks like a very boring draw, no matches that seem to stand out as being entertaining.
Any match with Liverpol is entertaining ;)

Another hard draw for Liverpool, I thought the Luton game was going to be hard but this should be alot harder.
Liverpool for the F.A Cup :D

or Blackburn or Man City someone different im sick of Arsenal,Man U and Chelsea
Middlesbrough we haven't won it before !
There's a good reason why Middlesbrough haven't won it before. :p
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I think we should be safely through to the 5th round after beating Burton comfortably and should beat Wolves no mistakes for that game, play Rooney from the start and we should win.
Bit of a shock that Brentford beat Sunderland. Easy and comfortable win for us, Richardson played well I think, as did most of the team really. Our midfield is really depleted at the mo, having to have Rio and Rooney in centre midfield. Arsenal knocked out of two competitions in a week woo!:D
Still Hoping a not so big club wins.

When is the next draw?