Fabregas to Real Madrid

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Dec 28, 2010
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Sky Sports News states that Mour and Real Madrid are preparing to table a 35mil bid for Fabregas.

What is the point in them even doing this? Everyone knows that Arsenal turned down Barcelonas bids and that is Barcelona is the team Cesc wants to go to when he leaves Arsenal. Hes a Barca youth kid, lifelong supporter, hes never going to go play for Real Madrid.
well, firstly its only a rumour
n secondly, look at kaka n ronaldo, all also went to rmad, all mostly for the money.
so if its a big cash offer, the chances are pretty high i hv 2 say
Ronaldo's family has been a Madrid fan since he was a kid.

Kaka had accomplished all he wanted at Milan and they needed the ridiculous amount of money Real were offering.

Fabregas, unlikely, considering Barca really want him and will match any Madrid bid.
If he would'nt move to barcelona(boyhood team) for 40m + ridiculous wage, why would he move to real madrid for 35m + ridiculous wage.
He clearly wants to go, but Arsenal don't want to sell him and he's not that type of player who would whine about wanting to leave (Tevez, Chimbonda,Balotelli).
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