Facebook Games...


Dec 4, 2010
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I was just wondering if/what people play on fb...

Most of my friends play bejewled blitz, but I currently play Restaurant City, and Millionaire City. I haev in the past played Mafia Wars, Farmville, Hotel City, Fifa Superstars and the NFL version of Fifa Superstars.
I used to play Mafia Wars but now I rarely play games on FB
Me too Mafia Wars. Got bored and eventually quit. Don't play any games now.
i play ea sports fifa superstars daily, although im not a fan of the new changes, i likes it how it was a few months back :)
Mindjolt games are ok like Bricks Breaking and Cube Crash :wub:

Games like Farmville and mafia wars are total wank. Youville also ****, just a peado's playground for grooming kids.
I play Ninja Saga and My Empire but due to the lack of friends, I quitted facebook. I don't know why, almost every game have time duration in real life and need friends to get special / important items.
top eleven football manager is actually alright, only game i play:)
Gordon Ramsay **** Kitchen, addictive to say the least!
It's just annoying when your getting like 10 notifications a day from people sending you stuff on Farmville.
I used to always play Farmville but it got so frustrating and time-consuming
Hate the games on facebook. Tried Farmville once, was the one of the worst games I have ever set eyes upon. Even worse are the game requests I get sent.
Used to play Mafia Wars, Restaurant City and FIFA Superstars, got bored in a few weeks though...

Farmville was ****. Tried it, hated it in first sight.
I played that Taxi game where you had to hop between cars on the three lanes without crashing.. Taxi Mania? or something
Can't believe no 1s mention desktop defender. fairly epic game.