Facepacks not working


Dec 16, 2006
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I downloaded the premier league face pack both normal and small and extracted the files . However when i played the game and clicked on the profile of the players the pic wasn't correct. for eg- i could see the whole body except the face of michael essien, some of the players face looked so inflated etc and stuff like that. I read somewhere in the forum that in preferences, select the reload on confirm and deselect the cache. I did that too but still no use. What do i do now ?
Google is your friend.

Taken from www.sortitoutsi.net

A Quick and Simple Guide on How to Get Graphics into FM 07

Well im going to make this short and quick, it's really simple to put graphics into FM 07. With SI changing the format, it means you don't have to go around looking for the folders, instead you can put them in one place and just load them from there. So here goes:

  • Go into My Documents and locate the Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2007 folder.
  • Secondly Create a folder called "Graphics".
  • Inside this folder, you can either just paste everything you download into it, or sort them into the following, Logos, Facepacks, Kits & Others. Making it even easier for you to insert them.
  • Then once you have put all the graphics into this folder, load up FM 07.
  • Go into preferences and down the menu panel, you will find "Display & Sound" click on it.
  • You will find the following options "Skin Cache" & "Always Reload Skin On Confirm".
  • Untick the "Skin Cache" option.
  • Tick the "Always Reload Skin On Confirm".

    Then go into the game and all your graphics should now appear.

    Voila, you now have graphics in Football Manager 2007. Congratulations.

  • If this doesn't work then blah.
What skin are you using?
Well if you can see the whole body, not the face it sounds like you are using the wrong size pictures, could you post up the picture please.
Yeh it sounds like you're using large pictures and the skin does not support them.